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Alex Toth Batman

Alex Toth Batman and Robin

More Alex Toth

The Last Batman

Batman issue 713 from 2011, final issue of the long-running series before the advent of the "New 52" DC Comics universe.

Final Batman

Final Batman - Bruce Wayne

First Comics

First Comics conducts talent search

First Comics is running a multi-tier art contest that starts with pin-up pieces first, then proceeds to story-telling chops. Read about the rules online at the First Comics web site.

Dragon-Con Founder Kramer finally going to trial

Story at the Gwinnet Daily Newspaper:

"Dragon Con spokesman Greg Euston gets straight to the point.

The science fiction convention that Ed Kramer helped found years ago has grown immensely, welcoming more than 50,000 attendees to downtown Atlanta in recent years. It’s become a phenomenon — even while fighting the perception that it’s still affiliated with Kramer, an alleged child molester who used comic books and action figures to get close with his victims.

“Ed Kramer has not had any role in organizing or directing Dragon Con since October 2000,” Euston said last week. “We have nothing to do with him and he has nothing to do with us.”

The Dragon Con folks join a long list of people happy that Kramer, charged by Gwinnett County police more than 13 years ago, will finally stand trial next week on four counts of child molestation and two counts of aggravated child molestation."

But the trial seems to be derailing into a plea deal that premier anti-child-molestor organization describes as a sweetheart deal:

"Ed Kramer, widely known as the founder of Dragon Con, an annual "science fiction and fantasy" convention held in Atlanta, has gotten the sweetheart plea bargain he held out for for over a decade.

Kramer pled guilty Monday to sexually preying on three boys, while charges were dropped in three other cases. The deal was struck after Danny Porter, the elected District Attorney of Gwinnett County, Georgia, made Kramer an offer he couldn't refuse: 34 months confinement… in his own home!

With plea "deals" like that, Mr. Porter is sure to maintain a stellar "conviction rate" and save taxpayers plenty on expensive, risky trials.

Press reports indicate Judge Karen Beyers has been presiding in the case and approved the arrangement."

Jim Aparo Catwoman 1980

1980 Jim Aparo Catwoman

Aparo art from The Untold Legend of Batman (1980)

Lynda Carter / Wonder Woman to run again

ME-TV to broadcast the entire 60 episode program / pilot starting Dec 27th.

More on the Wonder Woman page

Running Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter

More Lynda Carter

Capullo does Bob Kane

Batman #24 spread mimics cover of Detective Comics #27, the first Batman appearance from 1939. See the spread enlarged.

Batman spread from issue 24 - Capullo

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes and Captain Steroid

Calvin and Hobbes and Amazon Girl

Avengers (All Ages)

Hawkeye's arrows go haywire

Hawkeye and Avengers 5

Hawkeye and Avengers 6

More from Issue 8 - Hawkeye's wobbly arrows

It's Just a Car

Greg Capullo's 'Batmobile' from Batman #25, Jan 2014, DC Comics

Batman issue 24 - Batmobile by Capullo

See the sequence from Batman #25

More Batmobiles

Giant Spider-Man Float gets punctured, Thanksgiving Parade in NYC 2013

Strong winds hampered the annual parade. Story at NY Daily News Web Site

Jim Aparo Detective Comics #437

Jim Aparo Detective Comics Batman

More Jim Aparo

More Detective Comics

Batman Black and White #3

Olly Moss cover with Penguin and Bats. See enlarged.

Batman Black and White #3 Cover Olly Moss

More Penguin

Jim Lee - Superman Unchained

Superman Unchained

Superman Unchained cover art - Jim Lee

Joker by Jim Lee

More Jim Lee


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