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Adam Hughes Catwoman

Random Catwoman images by Steller DC Comics artist Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes DC Comics artwork 1Adam Hughes DC Comics artwork 2Adam Hughes DC Comics artwork 3Adam Hughes DC Comics artwork 4Adam Hughes DC Comics artwork 5

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Batmite from Batman #673

Batman 673 - Batmite 1

Batman 673 - Batmite 2

Batman 673 - Batmite 3

The original Bat-mite was a mischievous Batman-fanboy (actually fan-creature) who generally tormented Batman with unwanted assistance in fighting crime. Predating the "geek" caricatures of today, Bat-Mite was a sly portrait of fan-idolizing gone hopelessly awry, though through a prism of 1950s style intergalactic comic book science.

Spider-man Race Car Set

Spider-man Car Racing Set

Caution: Electric Toy - The Ultimate Spider-Man

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Wonder Woman TV Show End Titles

Wonder Woman End Titles - Lynda Carter 1

Wonder Woman End Titles - Lynda Carter 2

Wonder Woman End Titles - Lynda Carter 3

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Batgirl #Zero - Ed Benes Cover

Ed Benes Cover art Batgirl Zero

Click to see enlargement Batgirl Zero Cover, Ed Benes

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d Benes Batgirl

Batman Joker forever

Batman and Joker Tattoo

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