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Damian - Son of Batman

Damian Son of Batman Advertising DC Comics

Damian Son of Batman Advertising DC Comics 2

Damian Son of Batman Advertising DC Comics 3

Damian Son of Batman Advertising DC Comics 4

Andy Kubert brings back Damian Wayne for a 4-issue miniseries. And Joker laughing fish, too!

Batman #666, Nov 2007, Damain Wayne Cover, Andy Kubert art

More Damian Wayne

More Andy Kubert

New York Comic Con has a good display of photos from the NYC Comic Con online here.

NYC Comic Con Parade Com

NYC Comic Con Parade Com Batwoman

The slideshow is credited to Isabelle Raphael

Steve Niles - Flooded

Via and Comic Book Resources/Steve Niles

"Steve Niles and his wife Monica lost just about everything they have in a flood last night due to a massive storm in Austin and have no flood insurance. A Paypal account has been set up to help them out. Steve has gone above and beyond raising $ for Hurricane Sandy relief and other tragedies and can really use some help right now. Let's pay it forward to a guy who's always been there for others. Paypal address is"

Steve Niles has a long list of writing credits in comic books and in film (imdb Steve Niles Link).

Harassment complaints at NYC Comic Con

Oct 2013: Is it happening more often or is it being reported more?

Either way it is a creepy aspect of comic-cons that the industry should deal with quickly. Big-media coverage of such behavior would reaffirm every bad stereotype in a stand-up comedians bag of stale jokes, and in general shove the image of the industry back toward the gutter.

I don't think anyone expects the industry to police the activities of lone idiots, but allowing organized 'fan boys' (as found in Heidi MacDonalds report) to repeatedly ambush cosplayers with the indifference of event security is clearly odd.

Sarah Wilkinson / Facebook:

"I don't normally talk about these things publicly, but this really put a bad taste in my mouth about NYCC. I loved the show overall...Got to see old friends, met lots of nice people and sold some stuff, but there was this undercurrent of sexual harassment the entire weekend. While at my table in artist alley, I had to pretty regularly shoo guys away from my table after the, "Hey baby", type comments. And they were aggressive as hell. I am not a huge fan of confrontation and my weekend was FULL of it..."

Heidi MacDonald / The Beat - - Her article has a list of problems from the NYC Con, but she also links backwards to similar problems and other sites with posts about NYC Con, so there's a sense of perspective on something that has not just suddenly appeared this year.

"It’s bad enough that these idiots were there making people feel uncomfortable while pretending to be a legit news outlet, but that security was informed and did nothing is troubling..."

Beck Cloonan / Comics or FTSU:

"I also heard a lot of stories about harassment on the con floor- If I felt grossed out, I can’t imagine the comments some of the cosplayers had to deflect. I also couldn’t help but shake my head at all the Arizona Iced Tea promotional “I love big cans” in the con book, and being given out on the show floor. I saw those and immediately thought, “Oh so it’s gonna be that kind of con.”

Rich Corben sequence - House of Usher


See more of Corben's Poe adaption here.

Marilyn Monroe

Atlantic Magazine Online feature on Captain Marvel creators

Meet the Women Who Are Changing Marvel and Comics

"DeConnick, with her cherry-soda tinted hair and spike-studded heels, is perhaps the most influential, recognized and vocal feminist in comics today. What she writes and her place in Marvel's boy's club (she was the only female at Marvel's Inhumanity panel on Saturday) inspires comic-reading men and women. And I only say 'perhaps' because the woman that she currently writes, Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel (and formerly known as Ms. Marvel), is giving DeConnick a run for her money.

Over the last year, DeConnick has taken Danvers and turned her into the one of the most powerful, complex, and unbreakable heroes in the Marvel universe. (In the first Captain Marvel comic, Danvers is quick to remind a villain, along with the audience, that she outranks Captain America.) And in doing that, Danvers has become one of the most popular heroes among women (and men) and proved the "women don't read comics" and "men aren't interested in stories about female superheroes" tropes are wrong."

Uma Thurman Poison Ivy

Uma Thurman Poison Ivy

More Poison Ivy

Mike Allred - Wonder Woman

Mike Allred Wonder Woman

Mike Allred cover art. More Mike Allred.


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman