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Covers by Brian Bolland

Brian Bolland art - Zatanna

Brian Bolland - Wonder Woman Cover

Morgana by Brian Bolland - artwork

Dr Silken Floss by Brian Bolland - Cover

  1. Zatanna
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Morgana (from Camelot 3000)
  4. Dr. Silken Floss
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Cheeseburger, and I'm not your slave

All Star Batman & Robin #4

All Star Batman and Robin Issue 4 - that smell

Dick Grayson's diet after being stranded in the Batcave brings about a stark confronation between Alfred and Bruce Wayne. Read More.

More Dick Grayson

Harley Quinn #1 (aka Detective Comics #23.2)

Neil Googe art - Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn and dynamiteHarley overlooking Gotham CityHarley explosions at shopping mallHarley Quinn and broken glassHarley Quinn goes on a joy rideHarley Quinn and disassociationHarley Quinn and her hammerHarley Quinn in flight over a shopping mallHarley Quinn with Deadshot

More Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn #1 (aka Detective Comics #23.2)

Mickey, Goofy and Dumbo

Mickey Mouse and Goofy, Dumbo

More Mickey

Toyota Landcruiser 1974 model - Photo A

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Artists who insert themselves into the comic book story they are drawing: DC Artist Jim Aparo in Brave and the Bold 124 (1976); Gil Kane from Conan the Barbarian #12 (1971); Marvel Comics, artist/writer Frank Cho as 'Amedeus' in Savage Wolverine #5 (2013)

Jonah Hex #22 - Hex in Gotham City

Sandoval Catwoman

Sandoval Catwoman in Battle

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