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Superman Day New York World's Fair 1939

Kodachrome color film of "Superman Day" at the World’s Fair in New York 1939. A small amount of film of Superman creator Jerry Siegel appears.

Mike Mignola - Batman

Mike Mignola Batman

1989 - Batman from Gotham After Midnight

  1. Brian Augustyn - script
  2. Mike Mignola - art
  3. P Craig Russell - inks

Classic Wonder Woman Covers

Wonder Woman for President - 1943 Harry Peters cover issue 7

Irv Novick Wonder Woman 48 cover - 1951

Wonder Woman 105 cover by Ross Andru  -  the Eagle of Space

See Ross Andru and Mike Esposito Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman for President !

Wonder Woman no. 7 Winter 1943
Wonder Woman no. 48 July 1951
Wonder Woman no. 105 April 1959

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Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn Adventures

From Batman Black and White #1, Nov 2013 issue
Joe Quinones art, story by Maris Wicks

Poison Ivy and Harley QUinn - Batman BW 1

Poison Ivy and Harley QUinn - Batman BW 1

From Batman Black and White #1, Nov 2013

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Joe Quinones

Hayley Atwell (maybe) returning as Agent Carter

Marvel to produce TV Series with the Captain America character

Hayley Atwell Agent Carter

Iron Man 3 is out on DVD / Blu-Ray, and one of the extra features on the disk is an Agent Carter short film.

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Hayley Atwell Agent Carter

The Bat-Kitchen

From Lil' Gotham #6, Dustin Nguyen art

Lil Gotham Robin and Batman

Read more about the Batman Family in the kitchen

Justice League Trinity War covers by Ivan Reis

Justice League Triptych Trinity War Covers

The three covers combined into a triptych - see enlarged.

See more here

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DC Comics in trouble again

Harley Quinn Hammer

DC Comics got a lot of unpleasant publicity from their 'draw Harley naked in a tub committing suicide' contest. Read more.

Lois Lane / Batman / Superman / Wonder Woman

Lois Lane marries Batman

Lois Lane 93 - Superman marries Wonder Woman

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New Marvel Entertainment Thor Poster

Thor the Dark World

Thor the Dark World

Wonder Woman

Franklin Booth Illustration

Cliffs and sailing craft - Franklin Booth illo

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Hobbits - Smaug vs Richard Armitage as Thorin

Smaug vs Richard Armitage as Thorin