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Superman 32 Cent Stamp - USPS

32 Cent Superman Stamp - USA Post Office

Stamp was released in 1998. See artwork of stamp enlarged.

H. G. Peter artwork, Wonder Woman, 1948

H. G. Peter was the original Wonder Woman artist and gave the adventure stories (penned by Moulton) a friendly, plump look that still carried the lurking violence of superhero books. In these panels from issue 28 from 1948, Peter depicts the rampaging indomitability of Diana Prince. The story is simplistic and matches the simplicity in Peter's line art and storytelling, which is straightforward and marked by clarity. Full page here.

Wonder Woman 1948 action panel by H G Peter

Wonder Woman smashes a cannon, art by H G Peter

Wonder Woman lifts boulders, art by Peter, 1948

Wonder Woman carrying a heavy burden, planning to send Steve a mental radio beam

Wonder Woman 28 cover by H G peter

More Wonder Woman More H G Peter art

More H G Peter art

Sean Phillips - Batman Jekyll & Hyde covers

Sean Phillips Jekyll and Hyde Sean Phillips

Batman Jekyll and Hyde art cover by Sean Phillips

Issue 3 Batman Jekyll and Hyde by Sean Phillips artwork

Batman Jekyll and Hyde cover 4 by Sean Phillips

Batman Jekyll and Hyde cover 5 by Sean Phillips

Batman Jekyll and Hyde cover 6 by Jae Lee

Bastgirl Special 1988

Batgirl 3

Batgirl 4

Art by Barry Kitson, with inks by Bruce Patterson.

More Batgirl


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Wonder Woman Movie Horseback Statue

Wonder Woman Deluxe Statue 2017 Movie

Wonder Woman on Horseback Deluxe Movie Statue - Amazon

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman