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Classic Klaus Janson Daredevil Covers

Daredevil issue 180 Klaus Janson Cover

Daredevil issue 184 Klaus Janson Cover

Daredevil issue 193 Klaus Janson Cover

Daredevil issue 196 Klaus Janson Cover

Batgirl / New 52 Backlash

The revisioning of certain characters, and the push toward a different level of sexual frankness (or exploitation) at DC Comics has prompted strong protests.

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Cost of being Batman - Then and Now

Cost of Being Batman then and now

Samsung Galaxy Promo image making the rounds on the internet

Nick Cardy Teen Titans Covers

Teen Titans 21 Cover art by Nick Cardy

Teen Titans 26 Cover art by Nick Cardy

Teen Titans 30 Cover art by Nick Cardy

Teen Titans 26, March-April 1970

Teen Titans 21, May-June 1969

Teen Titans 30, Nov-Dec 1970

More Nick Cardy Comic Book Art

More Teen Titans

Wonder Woman can't get a movie made

Someone on Tumblr hijacked these New 52 Superman images to express a not so subtle reaction to the forthcoming Superman/Batman film from Warners

Superman and Wonder Woman

Batgirl Special 1988


Art by Barry Kitson, with inks by Bruce Patterson.

More Batgirl

Capullo Artwork Batman

Capullo Artwork Batman

More Greg Capullo


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Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman