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Vampire Batman - Gene Colan 1982

Batman Gene Colan Detective Comics 517 1982

Detective Comics 517, Aug 1982: Gene Colan's art doing what he is famous for (from his work on the long-running Marvel Comics' Dracula) by having a vampire Bruce Wayne on the loose, terrorizing Gotham criminals in an all new way.

Batman with vampire teeth - art by Gene Colan

Vampire Batman still doesn't carry a gun, but he is certainly more dangerous to the criminals of Gotham with the teeth. On this page is Bat-victim Marley (who probably wished he had heeded Batman's advice) - an apparently dead body from Batman's hand is certainly non-DC protocol.

See this Batman page from Detective Comics 517 enlarged.

Mat Luschek Batgirl

Mat Luschek Batgirl Cosplay

From the 2013 Comicon photos at Mat Luschek's 2013 Flickr page

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Mike Allred Cover FF 2

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Mahmud Asrar leaving Supergirl

Mahmud Asrar Supergirl Goodbye

Consistently well-drawn adventures of the Krypton Cousin. More about Asrar's announcement at his online blog site.

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Norm Breyfogle Batman

Detective Comics Batman issue 590 Sept 1988

Detective Comics #590, Sept 1988.

Tintin Moon Rocket

Moon Rocket from Destination moon with Tintin

From the 1950-53 Tintin Destination Moon album by Herge. View the moon rocket page enlarged.

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Doug Mahnke - Justice League 29

Metal Men and Secret Society

Doug Mahnke Art: Metal Men and Secret Society from Justice League 29

Frankenstein - Seven Soldiers of Victory series written by Grant Morrison

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Jack Kirby "The Demon" #1

The Demon Issue 1 - Jack Kirby Artwork

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