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Nick Cardy Wonder Woman 1973

Nick Cardy Wonder Woman 1973 artwork

From the cover of Secret Origins #3, July-August 1973, Nick Cardy's Wonder Woman and Wildcat.

More Nick Cardy

Wally Wood, 1953

Wally Wood Self Portrait Image

More Wally Wood

Another example of artists inserted into the comic book story they are drawing: DC Artist Jim Aparo in Brave and the Bold 124 (1976); Gil Kane from Conan the Barbarian #12 (1971); Marvel Comics, artist/writer Frank Cho as 'Amedeus' in Savage Wolverine #5 (2013)

Gil Kane self-portrait-from-conan-1971


Captain America Winter Soldier Poster out

Winter Soldier Captain America

More Captain America

Frank Miller cover for Dark Knight Returns #2 up for auction

Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns

Batman issue 44 recreation by Chris Bachalo

Batman 44 Reproduction by Chris Bachalo

Saw this fantastic 'reboot' of the Batman #44 cover art at the Comic Art Fans web site.

The original cover was by Jim Mooney for the 1947 original cover of Batman.

Jim Mooney Batman 44 cover art from 1947

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Man of Steel at $586 million worldwide

Superman Dollar Sign

More on the Man of Steel Movie

Joe Kubert, Tarzan Cover #237

DC Comics 1975

Tarzan cover by Joe Kubert 1975

Tarzan 237, DC Comics, May 1975. See the Joe Kubert cover enlarged.

Comic-Con 2013 movies

Here's some of what Hollywood (and especially Marvel Studios) will be showing off as peeks, previews and promo versions at the 2013 Comic-Con in San Diego:

  • Thor - The Dark World
  • Captain America Winter Soldier
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs II
  • Robocop reboot
  • Amazing Spider-Man II
  • Godzilla
  • Seventh Son
  • 300 Rise of Empire
  • The Tomorrow People
  • Gravity

Man of Steel - Lerms Art/Geek-Art

Lerms Man of Steel

Saw this well done image at geek-art, listed as by Lerms.

List of all the Superman Unchained and the varient covers on the Superman page.

Gil Kane cover art - 1972 - Daredevil #90

Daredevil 90 - Gil Kane Cover Artwork

More Black Widow

More Gil Kane

Batgirl - Jim Aparo


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