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Mahmud Asrar artwork Supergirl issue 19

A psychological portrait of Supergirl, from issue 19.

More Supergirl

More Mahmud Asrar


Downey signs for Avengers 2 and 3

Avengers 2 is set to start production in March 2014, and come out May 2015. Avengers 3 doesn't have a schedule attached to it yet. The deal with Marvel doesn't include any more Iron Man movies, apparently. Status on contracts for the other actors for Avengers 2 is unknown.

Warner Bros shaking up

Jeff Robinov leaving top executive spot at Warners

Robinov is the man at Warners that talked to and supported Nolan for the Batman reboot (starting with Batman Begins) and who brought in Zack Snyder to direct films. Robinov is also the man who backed Ben Affleck for the Argo film, which won Best Picture Oscar last year. Robinov is also responsible for Leonardo DiCaprio, Baz Luhrmann and Todd Phillips being at Warners. How does this effect the various DC Comics future film projects?

Full story at Deadline Hollywood

History of the Iron Man suit

Good, fun chart from the people at Halloween

Iron man Suit History 1

Iron man Suit History 2

Iron man Suit History 3

Iron man Suit History 4

History of the Iron Man Armored Suits

Iron Man - Ol' Shellhead Marvel Comics Hero

More Iron Man

2-Page spread, Detective Comics 870

Batman 707 spread art by Tony Daniel

See this 2-page spread from Batman 707 enlarged to 2400 pixels.

Batman and Catwoman, 1954

Batman 84 - starring Catwoman

Catwoman 1954

More Catwoman

Related: Catwoman Vs Lois Lane, 1966

Mickey Mouse 1973

Walt Disney Digest #40 - All Gottfredson Mickey Adventures

Mickey Mouse 1973

Walt Disney Digest 40 from 1973

Dark Knight Rices

Dark Knight Rices - funny Batman image

Superman gets the 'Go By' circa 1944

Lois Lane Superman 1944

More Lois Lane

Man of Steel - 52 Reasons Promo

Man of Steel Promo image for film release 52 reasons

Update: Man of Steelat 200.3 million for the weekend opening (only Iron Man 3 has had a better opening in 2013, so far).

Cover and pages from Savage Wolverine #5

Click thumbnail to see enlarged image size

Savage Wolverine Issue 5 Frank Cho Cover Savage Wolverine Issue 5 Frank Cho Shanna the She Devil in flight Savage Wolverine Issue 5 Hulk, Shanna and Wolverine confronting one another

Savage Wolverine Issue 5 - Hulk takes a Wolverine claw to the brainSavage Wolverine Issue 5 - Hulk on fire, eaten by whale

The Hulk

2-Page spread, Detective Comics 870

Spread Batman by Scott McDaniel

Scott McDaniel artwork from Detective Comics 870, 2 page spread with enough Batmen to form an army.

Scott McDaniel page Detective Comics 870


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman