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First Robin the Boy Wonder, Detective Comics #38, 1940

Robin Boy Wonder Detective Comics #38 from 1940

See the Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson artwork enlarged.

Avengers Unassembled, so far

Joss Whedon says he won't do Avengers 2 without Downey. Downey isn't signed for Avengers 2. Marvel Studios has some problem-solving to perform.

When the artist and writer include themselves in the story

Jim Aparo self-portrait as a comic book artist

Brave and the Bold #124, January 1976

Artist Jim Aparo and writer Bob Haney join the tale to save Batman.

Jim Aparo confronts terrorists

Just another team-up between Sgt Rock and Batman turns into the surreal tale of comic book terrorists leaving the comic pages and holding artist Jim Aparo captive so that the story will end the way they want it: with Batman dead. READ MORE

Page thumbnails, Brave and the Bold #124

Brave and the Bold 124 Batman artist Jim Aparo appears Brave and the Bold 124 Batman with artist Jim Aparo drawing Batman on page Brave and the Bold 124 with writer Bob Haney and artist Jim Aparo appearing Brave and the Bold 124 Batman fighting terrorist Brave and the Bold 124  artist Jim Aparo trying to save Batman Brave and the Bold 124 Batman splash page

Jim Aparo on the cover of Brave and the Bold 124

World's Finest #10

Powergirl Cover Detail

Kevin Maguire spread from World's Finest - see the artwork much larger.

Powergirl SPread World's Finest

[Below] The Powergirl costume soon reverted back to the 'chest window' version.

Worlds Finest Covers with Power Girl

Power Trip - Power-Girl by Amanda Conner Power Girl: Power Trip Book - 392 Pages - Amazon

Neal Adams doing the variant cover for Walking Dead

Neal Adams Variant Walking Dead Cover

The art is for the limited-edition Wizard World release for the convention June 28-30 in Manhatten.

Superhero prints by Cosmosnail

"Lonely God" prints by Cosmosnail. Prints are being sold at

Lonely Gods

Lonely Gods Cosmosnail

Lonely Gods Cosmosnail

Lonely Gods Cosmosnail

Lonely Gods Cosmosnail

Frank Cho - Savage Wolverine and Shanna the She Devil

Frank Cho Savage Wolverine 5 with Shanna the She Devil

Savage Wolverine #5, July 2013, Marvel Comics

Frank Cho - issue 5 of Savage Wolverine has Hulk on hand to be confronted by Shanna and Wolverine, and contretemps follow.

Frank Cho SavageWolverine 5

More Savage Wolverine Issue 5

Shanna the She-Devil


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman