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Tumblr Sakafai Captain America

captain America cosplay



Captain America cosplay from sakafai American Dream Tumblr

Lee Elias Flash Comics cover, 1947

Lee ELias art for Flash Comics 1947 issue 86

View the Lee Elias art for Flash Comics #86, Aug 1947, enlarged here. A young Joe Kubert supplied the inking.

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Alex Toth Black Canary art, 1972

Black Canary page Alex Toth from 1972

Toth Art, 1972

By the 1960s, Alex Toth had developed a simplicity of approach (in his inking) that hid the complexity of his artwork beneath that easy-looking style on the surface. There are seven image "pairs" on this page, but Toth doesn't rely upon panel borders to keep them separate.

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Tremors, 1990

Tremors 1990 Movie 1

Tremors 1990 Movie Reba McEntire - Michael Gross

Review of the classic humor-monster-movie Tremors.

Batwoman cover issue 20 (detail)

Williams' Batwoman cover detail image

Batwoman 20

Batwoman #20, Jul 2013, Williams' cover

More J. H. Williams III

Amanda Conner - Silk Spectre #2 Page

Silk Spectre issue 2 Amanda Conner Page

See the Amanda Conner page enlarged


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Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

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