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Elektra, 1987

Bill Sienkiewicz art Elektra Assassin #8

Elektra Assassin #8, March 1987, Sienkiewicz Cover - see enlarged

Cover artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz

Little Lulu

Little Lulu

More Little Lulu

Mahmud Asrar Supergirl vs Wonder Woman

Supergirl and Wonder Woman fight

See the whole page.

More Mahmud Asrar



Supergirl #19, June 2013, Mahmud Asrar costume art

Supergirl #19, June 2013, Power Girl and Supergirl spread

Supergirl #17, April 2013, Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl

Supergirl #17, April 2013, Mahmud Asrar Cover

Supergirl #17, April 2013, Mahmud Asrar Splash Page

Supergirl #17, April 2013, Mahmud Asrar Page B

Supergirl #17, April 2013, Mahmud Asrar Page C

Supergirl #17, April 2013, Mahmud Asrar Page D

Supergirl #1 Splash page by Mahmud Asrar (nov 2011)

Supergirl #1 Panel Art

Supergirl #1 art page by Mahmud Asrar (nov 2011)

Supergirl Cover art issue 1 by Mahmud Asrar

Supergirl #54, Sept 2010, Cover by Shane Davis

Supergirl #55, Oct 2010, Amy Reeder 'Bizarro' cover

Amanda Conner Supergirl page from Wednesday Comics

2-page spread from Supergirl #12, art by Amanda Conner

Supergirl #1, Nov 1972, Bob Oksner Cover art

Supergirl Action Comics #324 Cover, 1965 (1972 reprint) Curt Swan

Supergirl Page 1

Supergirl Page 2

Supergirl Page 3

Supergirl Page 4

Supergirl Page 5

Supergirl Page 6

Supergirl Page 7

Supergirl Page 8

Supergirl Page 9 SUPERGIRL

Uncle Scrooge cover, March 2008

Uncle Scrooge 375 cover

Cover art by Daan Jippes

More Uncle Scrooge

World's Finest, Summer 1941

World's Finest summer 1941

Fred Ray art for World's FInest #2, Summer 1941. See enlarged image.

Tom Spurgeon on Marvel Studios box office success

Quote from his article below. (I think his remark is true of of some of the DC Comics' film efforts, too - though certainly not all):

" reason I think Marvel has been so successful is that the team that has run them in this era has on a certain level valued Marvel more than Marvel in previous incarnations ever valued themselves. "

Comics Reporter

Cover Spread Wonder Woman 19

CLiff Chiang cover spread by Chiang

Wonder Woman #19, June 2013, Cover spread by Cliff Chiang

More Cliff Chiang

Frank Cho, Savage Wolverine Spread

Frank Cho Savage Wolverine Issue 4

Frank Cho 2-page spread from the June 2013 Savage Wolverine. See the spread enlarged 2800 pixels (big!).


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman