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Win Mortimer Cover, May 1948

World's Finest #34 Cover Win Mortimer

World's Finest #34, May 1948 issue with Superman, Batman and Robin in midget race cars (midget car racing was popular in the late 40s - early 1950s).

More Win Mortimer

World's Finest #12 Powergirl 'Power Play'

Powergirl Worlds Finest 12

Huntress seems to get knocked out a lot. See more World's Finest Comics

More Power Girl

Power Trip - Power-Girl by Amanda Conner Power Girl: Power Trip Book - 392 Pages - Amazon


Powergirl New Beginnings


Powergirl Batman


Powergirl Bomb Squad

Wonder Woman Transformation 1978

Alex Toth 1952 - "Blood Money"

Blood Money Black and White by Alex Toth

The Unseen #5, June 1952, Alex Toth B&W splash page

Blood Money Color Page from 1952 - Alex Toth artwork

The Unseen #5, June 1952, Alex Toth Color splash page

Action Comics #1, 1938

Action Comics #1 first Superman from 1938

View enlarged: Action Comics #1, June 1938, First appearance of Superman, Art Joe Shuster

Record Setting Comics Book Sales

2014 - Action Comics #1 ebay auctions for $3.2 million

2013 - Dark Knight Returns cover #2 art $478,000

2013 - Batman No 1 - Auctions for $565,525

2012 - "Billy Wright" Detective Comics #27 sells for $523,000

2011 - Dark Knight Returns #3 splash page sells for $448,125

2010 - Detective Comics #27 goes for $1,075,500 USD

2010 - Weird Science-Fantasy #29 cover art sells for $380,000 USD

2009 - Detective Comics number #1 auctions for $17,000 USD

The Mermaid and the Shark

Cover art The Mermaid and the Shark

Undersea adventure of a mermaid who finds a trapped shark. See the cover art enlarged here. Hickman's comic work also appeared in IDW's Womanthology: Heroic and Womanthology Space. Jessica Hickman's The Mermaid and the Shark can be bought online at

The Mermaid and the Shark

Copy of Action Comics #1 found in wall of house

A Minnesota man remodeling a home he had recently bought found a copy of Action Comics #1 in the walls of the building. In his excitement, he accidentally ripped the cover while showing it to a relative (the tear apparently has lowered the value of the book by $75,000, with estimates now for the copy at just over $100,000).

The comic is to be auctioned by Comic Connect.

News Story at the National Post about the find here.

Big Barda cover to Mister Miracle 25

Mister Miracle 25 March 1991

See enlarged: Mister Miracle #25, March 1991, Joe Phillips Big Barda Cover

Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

The Lynda Carter / Wonder Woman material has moved here

Lynda Carter cover to TV Guide Jan 1977

Lynda Carter Advertisment

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Advertisement

View Advertisement enlarged. Design by Mike Nasser.

Birds of Prey ISSUE

More Birds of Prey


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman