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Jim Aparo Catwoman, 1976

Catwoman by Jim Aparo 1976 art

Catwoman, circa 1976, art by Jim Aparo. See the entire page.

Hit-and-run in Gotham City

Hit and Run

Detective Comics #826, March 2007

Paul Dini's script has Joker behind the wheel of a SUV, running down pedestrians on the snowy streets of Gotham on Christmas Eve, with a kidnapped Robin alongside to observe. The running dialogue (all rather one-sided since Robin is gagged with a Christmas decoration) has Joker proving his homicidal-maniac bonefides with casual hit-and-runs and a murderous trip through a fast food drive-through.

This Joker is the 'Killer Clown' of Batman's many decades, but letting the character dominate the tale while going about murdering people with no particular grand plan beyond the immediate gratification of torturing Robin (who can do nothing) is unique. Nearly the whole tale is told from within the interior of the SUV as Joker monolgues his way through the murders and Robin desperately struggles to break free.

Read review here

Christmas Holiday Comic Books

Crayola Avengers

Crayola Avengers

See larger.

More Iron Man

Man of Steel Poster

Man of Steel Superman Poster

Iron Man 3 has now flown past the billion dollar mark

IRON MAN 3 earnings
Domestic $337,661,977
Foreign $736,200,000
Worldwide $1,073,861,977

Richard Corben, Cover Creepy #12 [detail]

Detail Image Creepy Cover by Rich Corben

Detail from the cover of Creepy #12 from Dark Horse Comics, May 2013. See the entire cover, enlarged.

Frank Cho Red Sonja Detail Art

Red Sonja art - Frank Cho, 2006

1963 Batwoman

Original Batwoman of 1963

Cosplay Brawling

Cosplay costumed superhero brawlers moved here

Man of Steel Poster

Man of Steel Poster 2013 May

New image promo for the June 14 release of Man of Steel. Directed by Zack Snyder, produced by Christopher Nolan, and script from David S. Goyer.

Batman #20 - Greg Capullo and the echo of Frank Miller

Capullo Batman 20 Cover

Greg Capullo's cover for Batman #20 - a replay of the Superman vs Batman scene from The Dark Knight Returns. Read more: Superman Vs Batman

Frank Miller Superman vs Batman

Greg Capullo

Suicide Squad #13

Suicide Squad #13

See Suicide Squad larger


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