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Wonder Woman "I, the Bomb" Cover, 1965

Wonder Woman 1965 bomb issue 157

1965 cover by Ross Andru (Mike Esposito inks) for Wonder Woman #197. See the cover art enlarged.

Read a brief discussion of Wonder Woman sales figures and psychology here.

See Ross Andru and Mike Esposito Wonder Woman

Iron Man 3 and the Money

second biggest opening weekend

Iron Man 3 Earnings

May 6, 2013 : Iron Man 3 has piled up a $175.3 million dollar opening weekend. Iron man 3

More Iron Man

Will Downey return for Iron Man 4?

Ironman Downey Jr

May 2, 2013: Robert Downey Jr is supposably 'renegotiating' the future Iron Man 4 Movie with Marvel Studios over his appearances as ol'shellhead.

Iron Man Movies

Iron Man 1 - original 2008 Film

Iron Man 2 - with Whiplash and Black Widow

Iron Man 3 - Directed by Shane Black

Iron Man 4 - speculated fourth sequel

Iron Man Suit

History of the Iron Man Armored Suits

Iron Man Comics

Iron Man - Ol' Shellhead Marvel Comics Hero

Doom Patrol reprint 1964/1973

Doom Patrol by Bob Brown cover 124 from 1973

Bob Brown cover art recycled from the 1964 issue (#90) of Doom Patrol for the 1973 reprint run (of only three issues). Doom Patrol #124, July 1973, Bob Brown Cover

House of Secrets #5, July-Aug 1957, Art by Bob Brown

Alex Ross Batman 681 Cover

Batman 681 Cover art by Alex Ross

Batman #681 cover art by Alex Ross, December 2008. See the cover art enlarged.

Competing superhero events of Summer 2013

Man of Steel vs Ironman 3

Ironman and Superman duke it out on the Barnes and Noble magazine stands.

David Aja Hawkeye 9

David Aja Hawkeye 9 Cover

Hawkeye #9, June 2013, Cover art by David Aja

More Hawkeye

Splash Page Hawkeye 9 Cover   Page by David Aja Hawkeye 9

Cliff Richard Suicide Squad double-cover

Suicide Squad Double Cover Cliff Richard artwork

Suicide Squad #19, June 2013, Cliff Richard double-cover with Harley Quinn and Unknown Soldier

More Harley Quinn

More Suicide Squad

Rich Corben - Batman

Batman Richard Corben

More Rich Corben


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