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ARCHIVE PAGE 160 - April 2013

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Batman 19 double-cover, Greg Capullo

Batman 19 Double Cover art

Batman #19, June 2013, Capullo cover of Bruce Wayne about to put a bullet into Jim Gordon's back. Notice the shadow on the wall. See cover enlarged to 2800 pixels.

Greg Capullo

Alex Toth cover Justice League

Alex Toth Justice League of America with Superman - Black Canary - Batman

See cover enlarged: Alter Ego #63, Dec 2006, Justice League Cover Art

Justice Society of America #2 - Alex Ross Cover

Alex Ross cover art to Justice Society of America #2 Starman

Starman cover by Alex Ross, Justice Society of America #2, March 2007, see enlarged

More Justice Society

Suit Up!

Lego Batman Pajamas

Superhero wear for day or night. Lego Dark Knight Pajamas. See enlarged.

'An I Can Read Book' Superhero Collection

"An" I can read?

I can Read Wonder Woman and Batman

Batman particularly larger than his 'helpers' Superman and Wonder Woman.

Superman's Birthday

April 18 is the 75th anniversary of the publication of Action Comics No. 1. It is “Superman Day” in Cleveland, Ohio, home of Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Read more about festivities at cleveland.com

Ernie Chan (aka Ernie Chua) Starfire Cover, 1976

Starfire cover by Ernie Chan 1976

Starfire #1, Aug-Sept 1976, DC Comics, Ernie Chua sword and science cover

More Starfire

More Ernie Chua - Detective Comics #453

Bruce Timm Big Barda

Bruce Timm Big Barda

Big Barda by Bruce Timm. Cover of issue #54 of Back Issue. See cover art enlarged.

Jim Aparo Cover - Mister Miracle and Batman

Cover art Batman and Mister Miracle

Brave and the Bold #113, Mister Miracle and Batman investigate Egyptian tombs, but instead of mummies they find aliens. Cover art by Jim Aparo, 1974. See enlarged Mister Miracle and Batman Cover art 1974.

Avengers Assemble!

Avengers Assemble

See photo huge.

Lee Meriwether Catwoman 1966

Lee Meriwether from the 1966 Batman film from 20th Century Fox

More Batman 1966 TV Show with Adam West and Burt Ward

Neil Googe art - Harley Quinn

More Harley Quinn


Wonder Woman Transformation 1978

Original Page April 18, 2013

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman