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Kevin Maguire 2-page spread from Worlds Finest #10

Kevin Maguire 2-page spread for Worlds Finest Powergirl

See the 2-page art spread of Powergirl from World's Finest #10 enlarged to 2800 pixels.

Flash Comics 1943, issue 44, Octopus Cover

Lou Ferstadt art - 1943 Flash Comics issue 44 - Octopus Comics

Flash Comics #44, Cover artwork by Lou Ferstadt from August 1943.

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Bob Brown, 1973/1964, Doom Patrol #122

Bob Brown Doom Patrol 122

This Bob Brown art is reprinted from his 1964 cover for Doom Patrol #89. See cover enlarged.

House of Secrets #5, July-Aug 1957, Art by Bob Brown

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Jim Aparo Detective Comics cover #448

Detective Comics 448 Cover by Jim paro

First Talia, then Batman gets a bullet in the back. See this cover (final part of the 5-part 'Bat-Murderer' tale) enlarged. Jim Aparo artwork, Detective Comics #448, June 1975.

Mahmud Asrar Supergirl and Wonder Woman

Mahmud Supergirl and Wonder Woman

From Supergirl #17, April 2013. See the page larger. More Wonder Woman.

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Fist Fighting Wonder Woman and Supergirl

Supergirl #17 - Wonder Woman and Supergirl come to a fist-fight over Supergirl's plan to "save Krypton."

Ronald Colman - Random Harvest

Random Harvest

Random Harvest - 1942 film starring Ronald Colman and Greer Garson. Read more at Cinemagraphe


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