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Jack Kirby "The Murdering Misfit"

THe Murdering Misfit by Jack Kirby

From Kamandi #9, Sept 1973. See the entire page.

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Jim Aparo, Batman "Bat-Murderer" 1975

Pages from the first part of the 5-issue Len Wein tale of Batman framed for murder and being hunted by the police.

Jim Aparo Batman from Detective Comics 445 1975  C

Jim Aparo Batman from Detective Comics 445 1975 B

Jim Aparo Batman from Detective Comics 445 1975 A

Mama Zuma's Revenge - BBQ Cartoon Chips

Mama Zumas Revenge BBQ cartoon Chips

Artwork seems derived from Al Capp's Dogpatch characters.

Journey Into Mystery 648: Spiderman

Journey into Mystery Spiderman issue 648

See the entire Jeff Dekal Page from Journey into Mystery 648

Simon Bisley - Doom Patrol Cover, 1990

Doom Patrol by Simon Bisley - Cover Artwork #33

Simon Bisley June 1990 Doom Patrol Cover, click to enlarge

Art by Simon Bisley

Franklin Booth Illustration Galleon

Franklin Galleon Sailing Craft

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Mr Freeze Lego Batman Set

Mr Freeze Lego Batman set

He looks pretty angry. See the Mr Freeze Lego image larger.

Adventure Comics #430 - Black Orchid

Black Orchid Adventure Comics

Adventure Comics #430, Nov-Dec 1973, Bob Oksner Cover art

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Harley Quinn and Joker

More Harley & Joker

Throwing it away

Wonder Woman throw away the sword


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman