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Paul Pope One Trick Rip Off Collection

Paul Pope One Trick Rip-Off

Paul Pope art from the collection One Trick Rip-Off + Deep Cuts collection, Image Comics. See the Page enlarged.

Rafa Sandoval Catwoman #17

Catwoman by Sandoval

Catwoman #17, April 2013, Rafa Sandoval (pencils) and Jordi Tarragona (inks.) See entire page.

More Sandoval

Geoff Darrow

Geoff Darrow Dark Horse Artwork

The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot - back cover of Dark Horse Presents #21, Feb 2013. See the back cover art larger.

Digistate - Food and Eating Anthology

ortiz Digestate

[Above] Al Ortiz "Eating Meat"

Digestate - Bird Cage Bottom Books

Digestate is a 288 page black and white anthology - Read more

Kill Damian Wayne

Feb 25, 2013: New York Post 'exclusive' on latest victim of DC Comics' perennial hero-killing ways:

"...Damian Wayne — the son of Bruce Wayne and the latest hero to assume the mantle of Robin — has a heart-to-heart with fellow superhero Nightwing before his final, and ultimately fatal, battle in the pages of “Batman Incorporated” No. 8, out Wednesday.”

Related: Grant Morrison kills Batman!

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Neal Adams 1970, Brave and the Bold #90, Detail

Neal Adams Batman from Brave and the Bold 1970

Neal Adams art, Brave and the Bold #90, 1970, see the whole cover enlarged here.

Kaare Andrews Page from A+X #4

Kaare Andrews Page from A+X #4

A+X #4, March 2013, Kaare Andrews page. See larger.

David Lopez page, Captain America


From A+X #4, March 2013. See larger.

Nick Cardy, 1972

Nick Cardy Batman and Black Canary

From the cover art for Brave and the Bold #100, Feb-March 1972, artwork by Nick Cardy. See the entire cover enlarged.

More Nick Cardy Artwork


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