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Neal Adams' Batman Odyssey, 2011

Neal Adams Batman Odyssey

Kevin Nowlan inks over Neal Adams' pencils kept the artwork cleaner and more consistent in the 2011-2012 series of Batman Odyssey, versus the 'scratchy' looking art in the 2010 series of the same title. Moose Bauman and Cory Adams coloring. See page enlarged.

Frank Robbins cover, 1972

Frank Robbins Detective Comics 426

Detective Comics #426, 1972 cover. See enlarged.

Amazon Girl - Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes Amazon Girl

Calvin and Hobbes - Amazon Girl - See larger.

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Marshall Rogers cover, Mister Miracle #20

Mister Miracle issue 20 art by Marshall Rogers

Mister Miracle #20, October 1977, Marshall Rogers artwork. See page enlarged.

Marshall Rogers Mister Miracle page

Mister Miracle #20

Mister Miracle page by Marshall Rogers. See enlarged.

Jim Aparo Brave and the Bold 1976

Mister Miracle Jim Aparo

Jim Aparo artwork, Brave and the Bold #128, 1976. See page enlarged.

Jim Aparo Mister Miracle 1976

Mister Miracle by Jim Aparo

Brave and the Bold page, #128 1976 - Jim Aparo art. View enlarged.

Captain America: Winter Soldier plans firming up

Feb 2013: According to this new item over at Deadline Hollywood, Emily VanCamp is the female lead for the coming Captain America Winter Soldier production due into theatres on April 4, 2014. Of course Chris Evans returns as Cap. Directors are Joe and Anthony Russo (Joe Johnston directed the first Captain America film from 2011).

The film is also supposed to include Scarlett Johansson who will bring Black Widow in support of another Marvel film (when will there be a solo Black Widow production?). (For a list of Marvel Studios coming films and dates.)

Black Widow and Captain America

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