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Hawkeye #6, David Aja Art

David Aja Hawkeye Artwork

David Aja page from Hawkeye #6. See page enlarged.

More Hawkeye

Amanda Conner Cover Art Power Girl & Harley Quinn

Power Girl - Amanda Conner

More Amanda Conner art

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Archies Pals n Gals issue #67

Archies Pals n Gals issue #67

December 1971, Archies Pals n Gals issue #67

Pencils: Dan DeCarlo Inks: Rudy Lapick

More Archie Comics

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad the Movie

New Suicide Squad #14, Jan 2014, Cover by Juan Ferreyra

Suicide Squad #13, Dec 2012, Cover Ken Lashley

Suicide Squad #13, Dec 2012, Ken Lashley Cover - Regulus

Suicide Squad #13, Dec 2012, Page by Cliff Richards

Suicide Squad #19, June 2013, Double-Cover by Cliff Richards

Brave and the Bold #27, Dec 1959, Suicide Squad "Task Force X" cover

More Harley Quinn

Hawkeye #6, David Aja Art

Hawkeye - Art by David Aja

David Aja page from Hawkeye #6. See page enlarged.

More Hawkeye

Hawkeye #6, David Aja Cover Art

Hawkeye Cover issue 6 - David Aja

David Aja page from Hawkeye #6. See Cover enlarged.

More Hawkeye

John Severin - 1966

Holding Action page by John Severin 1966

Terror and survival imperatives collide on the battlefield in Archie Goodwin's script and John Severin's artwork for "Holding Action" which appeared in Blazing Combat #2 in 1966. See page enlarged.

More John Severin

Batgirl - Jim Lee Art

Batgirl in combat art by Jim Lee

Jim Lee from issue 10, All Star Batman & Robin, 2008. See page enlarged.

Gary Frank - Action Comics 2007

Gary Frank SUperman Hawkwoman

Gary Frank Art from Action Comics #858 Dec 2007

Renato Guedes Cover, Action Comics #847

Action Comics 847 Cover by Renato Guesdes

Click to enlarge the Renato Guedes cover, Action Comics 847.

Captain America #2 Cover, Dean White

Captain AMerica Den White Art

Cover art by Dean White, Lee Loughridge, and Dan Brown. See cover enlarged.

Colleen Doran's advice to comic book artist wannabes: [if Your] "Work Is Good: Don’t Give Up"

"First thing: Lots of people assume that the reason they can’t get hired is because publishing is some kind of closed circle. It’s really not.

Clients are always looking for new talent. Really. They are dying to hire the next JK Rowling, the next Jim Lee, the next James Patterson. Who doesn’t want another money-maker?

The truth is, almost everything that comes over the transom is not very good. "

The creator of the "Distant Soil" series article is at her web site here.

J. J. Abrams directing next Star Wars

January 2013: Not exactly hard to predict, but Abrams has got the helm for the next Star Wars movie, the property which is now owned by Disney. (The complaints and back-handed compliments are already being rolled out in the fan world..."Abrams has the gift of imitation" seems to be the gist of the semi-supportive compliments.) Runner-up for the director slot up was apparently Ben Affleck (an intriguing choice, to say the least).

Abram's next film Star Trek Into Darkness will be coming out on May 17, 2013.

Drew Struzan being asked to come out of retirement to do new Star Wars Poster

Hand-drawn movie poster art is a bit archaic these days where photoshop and bland poster design rules the day, but Disney seems to be putting forth a solid effort at wooing old fans with news they want Drew Struzan for designing the coming Star Wars reboot.

Struzan's work covers a multitude of films (and other detritus). Struzan's official portfolio online. (Below, the Struzan "Star Wars Circus" print that is sold at his site.)

Drew Struzan Star Wars

TV Guide Drew Truzan

More Worlds of Star Wars


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