Planet Hulk #1

ARCHIVE PAGE 141 - Jan 2013

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Joe Kubert Redeemer page

Joe Kubert Redeemer

Joe Kubert Presents #3 page, See page enlarged.

Game Informer Avengers Cover

Game Informer Marvel Avengers Cover

Game Stop Game Informer Magazine - Avengers Lego Cover

Captain Marvel, Dexter Soy Cover

Captain Marvel Cover Issue 8 Dexter Soy

Captain Marvel Issue 8, Feb 2013. See cover enlarged.

Tor cover Joe Kubert

Tor Issue #2, 1975, Joe Kubert

Joe Kubert cover from 1975, for a revival of his 1950s prehistoric warrior, Tor. See cover enlarged.

Moritat, Cover Jonah Hex reboot

Jonah Hex All Star Western #1

All Star Western #1, Moritat Cover. View enlarged.

More Moritat

Robo SUit 3000 - eco Friendly


Joe Staton, Brave and the Bold 1983

Brave and the Bold Joe Staton

Brave and the Bold #197, April 1983, Joe Staton Catwoman

Joe Staton Batman

Brave and the Bold #197, April 1983, Joe Staton Batwoman

Top Comic Sales for December 2013: Spider-Man and Walking Dead

January 10, 2013: According to Diamond Comics Distributers

Doug Mahnke - Justice League 29 - The Metal Men

The Metal Men - By Doug Mahnke

Doug Mahnke Art: Metal Men from Justice League 29

Frankenstein - Seven Soldiers of Victory series written by Grant Morrison

More Metal Men


Wonder Woman Transformation 1978

Original Page Jan 24, 2012 | Updated July 2017

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman