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Jim Aparo Catwoman - Brave and the Bold #197

Brave and the Bold #197 Jim Aparo

Jim Aparo cover, Brave and the Bold #197, 1981 issue. "Golden Age" Batman and Catwoman (story set in the 1950s). View cover enlarged.

Calvin and Hobbes - Captain Steroid #1

Captain Steroid Calvin and Hobbes

Watterson's funny (and pithy) take on the speculation market for superhero books. View the panels enlarged.

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes and Captain Steroid

Calvin and Hobbes and Amazon Girl

Tony Daniel Detective Comics #0 Cover

Detective Comics #0 - Tony Daniel reboot cover

Tony Daniel Batman reboot cover - see enlarged.

Catwoman - Paper Dolls

Catwoman paper Dolls

Wonder Woman #611, Joshua Middleton Cover

Wonder Woman 611 Cover

Wonder Woman #611 Cover by Joshua Middleton. See entire cover here.

More Joshua Middleton

Wonder Woman #611

Jonah Hex Cover, #14 - Ariel Olivetti art

Jonah Hex Cover Issue 14

Ariel Olivetti cover - All Star Western #14. View cover enlarged.

"Triple Elvis"'

Elvis Triple Warhol

Andy Warhol: this is not the $37 million dollar 'Double Elvis,' - but "Triple Elvis," in which you get one extra Elvis for your money.

Triple Elvis by Warhol

Justice League #1 - Jim Lee Cover

Justice League #1 New 52

Jim Lee does the honors on another of the reboot titles form DC Comics 'New 52' push of 2011. See cover enlarged.

Justice League Page by Jim Lee

Justice League of America 1968 issue 62
Justice League of America #62, May 1968, Art by Mike Sekowsky. Inks by Jack Abel

More Justice League of America Covers (1960 - 1987 Series)

Legends of the Dark Knight - Sciver Cover

Sciver Cover Legends of the Dark Knight

Ethan Sciver cover (detail) for Legends of the Dark Knight #1. See entire cover.

Jeff Lemire Page Legends of the Dark Knight #1

Unintentionally (?) parodic page from Legends of the Dark Knight #1, art by Jeff Lemire. See the entire page enlarged.

Princess Shirahoshi - One Piece - by Eiichiro Oda

Oda One Piece Princess Shirahoshi

From Shonen Jump April 2012 - See 2-page spread enlarged.

More One Piece


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