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Rick Geary - The Murder of Abraham Lincoln

Murder of Abraham Lincoln

Panel detail from the 'Stafford Room' page of Rick Geary's book The Murder of Abraham Lincoln, Comics lit 2005. See entire page.

Batman in line

atman in Line at Store

Shopping at the local discount mega store.

Catwoman #49 Cover, Adam Hughes

Catwoman #49 Adam Hughes

Catwoman #49 Cover art by Adam Hughes. See enlarged.

Howard Chaykin

Above: Chaykin art from Batman-Catwoman "Follow the Money" - see entire page enlarged.

Jolie Angelina

Notes from My Travels: Visits with Refugees in Africa, Cambodia, Pakistan and Ecuador

Dark Knight Rises next to the Hello Kitty section

Dark Knight Rises Card Board Sales Display

Dark Knight Rises cardboard rack next to girls clothing

Below: Chaykin art from the final issue of the revamped G. I. Combat, cover date Feb 2013. See page enlarged.

G I Combat Howard Chaykin

Beethoven and Schroeder - art and commerce

Peanuts 1954

More Peanuts

Daniel Acuna - Uncle Sam #2

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #2

Cover art by Daniel Acuna for the second issue of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. See enlarged.

Uncle Sam page by Acuna A Uncle Sam page by Acuna B

More Phantom Lady

More Daniel Acuna Art

Your Wonder Woman Outfit is ready

Wonder oman Clothing

Neal Adams Detective Comics 1970

Detective Comics 404 art by Neal Adams

Neal Adams was ahead of his time in superhero books, utilizing his own photo-realistic style (which style existed by other hands, such as Stan Drake, in the newspaper world, a place Neal Adams worked in also, doing the Ben Casey comic strip for years). Introduced into DC Comics, the Neal Adams style started a revolutionary change in embellishing and taking the already strong focus on physical musculature, and heightening it.

Neal Adams Detective Comics 404 Cover artwork

Detective Comics #404, Oct 1970, Neal Adams Cover

Detective Comics #404, Oct 1970, Neal Adams Enemy Ace

Detective Comics #404, Oct 1970, Neal Adams Batman in pursuit

More Neal Adams


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