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Gerry Talaoc - Unknown Soldier, 1975

Unknown Soldier by Gerry Talaoc

Unknown Soldier (forever in disguise since his own face is completely gone) was usually wrecking mayhem on the nazis, behind their combat lines, in the series drawn by Gerry Talaoc. See the entire page enlarged.

Jolie Angelina

Notes from My Travels: Visits with Refugees in Africa, Cambodia, Pakistan and Ecuador

J. Scott Campbell cover - Batman and Danger Girl

J Scott Campbell Batman and Danger Girl

J. Scott Campbell artwork for the Danger Girl and Batman team-up. See entire cover art enlarged here.

Cover Justice League #11

Justice LEague 11 Cover

Jim Lee art, cover for Justice League #11 - see enlarged.

Iron Man 3 now filming in China


Nikki Finke says that Iron Man 3 scenes are now being shot in China, with actor Wang Xuequi in a role in the Shane Black directed/written film as a character named "Dr. Wu."

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Batman Towel Set

Batman Towel Set

There's wet, and then there's 'bat-wet.'

Tintin - The Castafiore Emerald

SNowy from Tintin Castafiore Emerald

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Anne Hathaway Oscar Talk

Though Warners is campaigning to build Oscar attention for Dark Knight Rises, Anne Hathaway (who was Catwoman in the Nolan bat-film) is being touted in another campaign for her work in Les Miserables. Deadline Hollywood has a Q&A with Anne Hathaway about the role.

Dark Knight Rises Oscar Contention

Skyfall at $918 million

SkyFall James Bond

Skyfall keeps pounding along, has now accumulated the highest grosses of any James Bond movie in the whole of the 50 year franchise. The number 23 of the 007 films made another $20.3 million this weekend, bringing the worldwide totals to $918M worldwide. Besides being the number-one earner of all the Bond movies, it is now also the highest earning film ever released by Sony Pictures, beating out former champ Spider-Man 3 ($890M). Skyfall has made $261.6M in North America.

Clayface, art by Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke Clayface

No, it's not a Jack Kirby monster from 1960. From Detective Comics #15, back-up story "Love in Bloom" by John Layman. Artwork by Andy Clarke.

Green Lantern, Frank Miller/Jim Lee style

Jim Lee Green Lantern

The Frank Miller Green Lantern is even more stupid than the Frank Miller Superman, but it is written in such a way that though it mocks the cadre of DC Comics superheroes, it also is to the benefit of Batman (and Wonder Woman), who seem that much more serious about the task of dealing with the pervading corruption and crime of Frank Miller's world (though both Bats and WW seem more than a bit crazed). There is a lot of contrast between the maniacal seriousness of Batman versus the benign-attitude of the buddy-system in the Justice League. See the page enlarged.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Green Lantern #26, June-July 1947, Irwin Hasen Cover art

Green Lantern #29, Dec 1947 - Jan 1948, Harlequin Irwin Hasen Cover art

Green Lantern #61, June 1968, Green Power Abuse

Green Lantern #67, March 1969, Gil Kane Cover

Green Lantern #87, Dec 1971 - Jan 1972, Neal Adams / Dick Giordano cover

Green Lantern #89, April-May 1972, Neal Adams - Christ-image

Welcome back, fish head

Suicide Squad Page issue 13

Page art from Suicide Squad #13 by Cliff Richard. See the entire page enlarged.

Cover art Suicide Squad #13

Cover art by Ken Lashley and Rod Reis for Suicide Squad #13. See entire cover page enlarged.

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Dark Knight Rises on DVD - Bluray racks

Dark Knight Rises

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Anne Hathaway The Catwoman

Dark Knight Rises Page

Elektra Lives Again, again

Elektra Lives Again Frank Miller

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

More Sophia Loren at

Sophia Loren


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