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Asterix in Switzerland

Asterix in Switzerland Panel

Why hasn't Asterix and Obelix ever caught on in America the way the series has succeeded in Europe (that's the same question posed for Tintin, too). Goscinny's scripts are always funny, with an epic scope as the two heroes traipse across country after country (circa 50 BC), usually humiliating the Roman empire in the process.

See the entire page from Asterix in Switzerland here.

Mick McMahon, Batman "Fat City" 2007

Batmobile Batman

Art from "Fat City" in Batman Black and White Volume 3, 2007 DC Comics. See entire page enlarged here.

Mick McMahon Fat City Batman

Frank Robbins Art 1974

House of Mystery 226 Page by Frank Robbins

House of Mystery #226, 1974, Frank Robbins Art. See page enlarged.

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Jim Lee cover, Batman and Robin All Star #9

Batman and Robin All Star 9 Cover

Jim Lee cover for Batman and Robin All Star #9, APril 2008. See enlarged.

Here it comes: Dark Knight Rises on DVD, etc

Dark Knight Rises DVD

The last Nolan Dark Knight film made quite a bit for Warners with DVD/Blu-Ray sales: 12.8 million DVD copies, $222 million USD in earnings. ($260,679,798 in DVD home video sales through 2012). Hard to expect the same results this time around with DK Rises, since so many consumers have switched to online streaming. More on the Dark Knight.

Cover to Countdown to Mystery #8

Countdown to Mysteru Cover issue 8

Cover to the last issue of Countdown to Mystery, also called the "Steve Gerber" tribute issue. See enlarged.

Jack Kirby page from Fantastic Four #1

Jack Kirby Fantastic Four Page from 1961

Page by Kirby with The Thing in action for the first time. View enlarged.

More Fantastic Four

Batman from Countdown to Mystery #3 page

Countdown to Mystery Issue 3 Page

Page by Stephen Jorge Segovia for Countdown to Mystery #3, January 2008. View enlarged.

Jack Kirby, 1961

Fantastic Four issue #1 from 1961

These kind of covers are called 'iconic' for a reason. Kirby's combination of Marvel's monster comic books of the early 1960s, along with Stan Lee's revision of superhero team adventure changed comic book history. See cover enlarged.

Spider-Man, padded night wear

Spider Man Diapers


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman