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Catherine Jeffrey Jones - Guardian of Dragons

Guardian of Dragons

Jeffrey Jones 2002 painting "Guardian of Dragons." See enlarged.

White Bird - 1976

Jeffrey Jones White Bird

Jeffrey Jones painting used as a cover for one of the original independent comic books. See this image enlarged.

Gerry Talaoc Unknown Soldier, 1975

Unknown Soldier by Gerry Talaoc, 1975 DC Comics

See this entire page enlarged.

Dave Johnson cover to Freedom Fighters #1

Freedom Fighters issue 1

See the cover enlarged, Freedom Fighters #1 (second series from 2010 from Palmiotti and Justin Gray).

More Freedom Fighters

Art by Dave Johnson

Jim Lee Batgirl, Sep 2007

Jim Lee Batgirl Issue 6 Batman All Star

Jim Lee page for Batman All Stars #6, Sep 2007, with Jim Lee art. See enlarged.

More Batgirl

Avengers page with Panther and Hulk

Avengers All Ages Art by Christopher Jones - Black Panther and Hulk

All ages issue of Avengers #8. See page enlarged.

The Hulk

More Black Panther

Daniel Acuna, Cover to Uncle Sam #5, 2007

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters Issue 5 Cover

See this Daniel Acuna cover for Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #5 enlarged.

Page by Acuna for Freedom Fighters #5

Page from Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #5

Acuna page for Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #5 enlarged.

Justiniano Art, Doctor Fate, 2008

Countdown to Mystery 2008

From Countdown to Mystery #4, 2008. Justiniano art - see enlarged.

Countdiown to Mystery #1 Justiniano Artwork

See the Justiniano cover to issue #1 enlarged.


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