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Roger Langridge Popeye, issue #7

Popeye Issue 7 Cover Art Roger Langridge

See the cover artwork by Roger Langridge enlarged.

Popeye Adventure - IDW issue 7 Page

Page from "The Beast of Desolation Gulch" art and story by Roger Langridge. See page enlarged. (Story is also titled 'Case of the Desert Yeti.'

More Popeye

Joe Kubert, 1968, Sgt. Rock

Sgt ROck Joe Kubert

"Go back, Americans! Doom awaits those pass this point!"

1968 page from Our Army at War, art by Joe Kubert (and Bob Kanigher's script) "Curse of the Nazi Ghost Wolf." See entire page enlarged. Jolie Angelina

Notes from My Travels: Visits with Refugees in Africa, Cambodia, Pakistan and Ecuador

Why Couldn't you just leave him alone?

Justice League Wonder Woman

Jim Lee art, from Justice League #11 (The New 52!), DC Comics Sept 2012. See entire page enlarged.

Haunted Tank #1, Henry Flint art

Haunted Tank Splash Page Issue 1

Henry Flint artwork from the Frank Marraffino written Haunted Tank, issue #1, Feb 2009. See entire page enlarged.

The original series was concerned with the ongoing adventures of a descendent of J.E.B. Stuart and his tank crew, guided and protected by the ghost of the Confederate calvary general from a hundred years earlier. The 2009 version from DC Comics' instead addresses the obvious possibility: what if Stuart had black descendents and the spectre of the Confederate was obligated to protect and nurture him (and much to the chagrin of the recipient)? Set during the Iraq War, the story is an interesting overview of racial politics typically left alone in DC Comics' books.

Henry Flint art for the splash page from Haunted Tank #1

Floyd Gottfredson "Mickey Mouse Boxing Champion"

Mickey Mouse by Gottfredson

1931 sequence by Floyd Gottfredson, Walt Disney 1931. See enlarged.

Black Orchid

Black Orchid

Art by Oliver Nome - online web page

Spring Special 1978 (DC Special #12)

Starlin Cover - Secrets of Haunted House Spring Special DC 12

Cover by Jim Starlin. Cover for the Spring Special 1978

More Secrets of Haunted House


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