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Alex Toth Black Canary, 1972

Splash Page by Alex Toth

See the above 1972 Black Canary splash page enlarged.

Black Canary page from Adventure Comics

See the above Alex Toth page enlarged.

Black Canary

Black Canary

Alex Toth Black Canary

Adventure Comics #418, April 1972, Alex Toth Black Canary Splash Page

Adventure Comics #418, April 1972, Toth Black Canary Page

Adventure Comics #418, April 1972, Toth B&W Black Canary Page

Flash Comics #86, 1947, First Black Canary Appearance

Rush City Comics #2, Oct 2006, Black Canary appearance

Rush City Comics #3, Oct 2006, Black Canary Cover

Solo #5, Darwyn Cooke Black Canary

Brave and the Bold #100, Feb-Mar 1972, Nick Cardy Black Canary Cover

All Star Batman and Robin #6, Sep 2006, Jim Lee Black Canary and Batman Cover

Birds of Prey

Jolie Angelina

Notes from My Travels: Visits with Refugees in Africa, Cambodia, Pakistan and Ecuador

J H Williams "Bully" page, Batwoman #zero

Batwoman Zero Bully page

See enlarged: Batwoman #0, Williams page, 2012

More J. H. Williams III

Gerry Talaoc, 1974, Weird War

Weird War art by Gerry Talaoc Splash Page

Splash page by Gerry Talaoc from Weird War Tales, issue #30 from 1974. See entire page enlarged.

Gerry Talaoc Weird War Page

Page by Talaoc for DC Comics' "Weird War" book, from 1974. See enlarged.

More Weird War Tales

Cat Staggs art "Phantom Lady" #2

Cat Staggs Phantom Lady

Phantom Lady #2, Cat Stagg's artwork. See page enlarged.

Leinil Francis Yu "Ultimate Wolverine Hulk"

Wolverine and Hulk  issue 1 spread

Looks painful, but don't worry, you can snap Wolverine back together like a lego. See this two-page spread by Leinil Francis Yu enlarged.

More Wolverine

The Hulk

Becky Cloonan Art, Batman #12

Cloonan Batman page featuring Alfred

Becky Cloonan artwork from Batman #12. Click to enlarge entire page.

Cloonan Batman Gang Artwork

Becky Cloonan "Gang" page from batman #12. See enlarged.

Archie Winter 2012

Archie 2012

More Archie Comics

Salt Angelnia Jolie

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