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Alley Cat "The Storm"

Alley Cat the Storm

See this page from "Alley Cat" enlarged.

Feline Fury

Alley Cat by Liam Dempsey and Stephen Trumble

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ALley Cat Page B

See this page above from "Alley Cat" enlarged.

Star Wars

The Mouse is hungry again: Disney buying Lucasfilms

October 30: George Lucas said that he wanted the Star Wars franchise to live on after him and this was a way to move the property into the hands of other filmmakers. Disney has already announced a Star Wars 7 for 2015. Lucas has also stated he has story treatments for 3 additional films already completed.

The deal is for $4.05 billion in cash and stock.

More Worlds of Star Wars

Paul Pope THB 6d Page

Paul Pope THB Comics

Paul Pope page from THB #6d from Horse Press, 2002 - see enlarged.

Paul Pope THB 6d Page

Paul Pope THB Page

Page from THB 6d, view page enlarged.

Detective Comics #1, 1937

Detective Comics number 1

Vin Sullivan cover for Detective Comics #1, March 1937. View cover enlarged. This is the comic book from which "DC Comics" drew its name.

George Pratt, Detective Comics Annual #3

George Pratt Detective Comics Annual

George Pratt's painted cover for Detective Comics Annual #3, 1990

Justice League on water

Water Skiing Justice League of America

Photo from the 1977 March issue of Amazing World of DC Comics. See enlarged.

Vaughn not doing X-Men First Class sequel

Matthew Vaughn is not directing "X-Men First Class 2" afterall, instead will be working with Mark Miller for screen adaption of Secret Service. The writer at Deadline Hollywood suggests Bryan Singer will be handing the X-Men sequel chores.

Arnold prepping again to play Conan

Read more at Conan the Barbarian

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Read the history of ice cream page

Wonder Woman Transformation 1978


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman