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Batcave Motorcycles

Bat Cycles

From the Greg Capullo art from Batman #0.

More Greg Capullo

Animated Batman Batmobile

1992 Animated Batmobile

Wonder Woman #0 Cliff Chiang Art

Wonder Woman Art by Cliff Chiang

Cliff Chiang art from the Wonder Woman #0 issue. See entire page enlarged.

More Cliff Chiang

Godzilla Reboot scheduled for May 2014

Warner Bros, Legendary Pictures and Toho in Japan are teaming up for a 3D Godzilla remake now slated for May 2014. VIsual effects veteran Gareth Edwards is directing.


More Godzilla

Harley and Ivy Cover, DC Comics 2004

Bruce Timm Art

Bruce TImm Harley Quinn and Ivy

More Bruce Timm

More Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Batman Black and White #1, Nov 2013, Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy team-up

Poison Ivy - Solo Jordi Bernet Issue - Page A

Posion Ivy - Detective Comics #13 (New 52) Jason Fabok page

Poison Ivy - Solo Jordi Bernet Issue - Page B

Detective Comics #823, Nov 2006, Cover art Poison Ivy - Simone Bianchi

Detective Comics #823, Nov 2006, Joe Benitez Batman Page

Detective Comics #823, Nov 2006, Joe Benitez Poison Ivy Page

Detective Comics #823, Nov 2006, Joe Benitez Robin Page

Detective Comics #823, Nov 2006, Joe Benitez Harvest Page

Posion Ivy - Detective Comics #831 - Simone Bianchi Poison Ivy Cover

Poison Ivy - Batman #181 cover art by Carmine Infantino

Poson Ivy - by Dan DeCarlo

Poison Ivy - Review of Detective Comics #823 "Stalked"

Pacific Rim upgraded to 3D

Pacific Rim Poster

Film is due out July 12, 2013.

Batman #181 Carmine Infantino

Poison Ivy Origin


June 1966 issue. Carmine Infantino (pencils) Murphy Anderson (inks). Enlarge.

Moritat page from All Star Western #12

Moritat Jonah Hex

See page art enlarged. From All Star Western #12, Oct 2012.

More Moritat

Detective Comics #765 Cover Art

Detective Comics 765 John McCrea Batman

Art by John McCrea. See the cover to Detective Comics #765 enlarged.

Carmine Infantino Black Canary art (1948)

Black Canary 1948

See entire page enlarged. Art by Carmine Infantino from 1948.

Terry Moore art - Echo #1

Echo Cover art Terry Moore

More Terry Moore

Pavel SImon

Pavel Simon


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