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Superman, 1948

Superman 1948 Kirk Alyn

The Kirk Alyn Superman from 1948, in which Supers fights "The Spider Lady" (Carol Forman). More Superman.

Leinil Francis Yu "Silent Dragon"

Leinil Francis Yu Silent Dragon

Silent Dragon page by Leinil Francis Yu, DC Comics 2005. See enlargement here.

Lego ad for Batman 2

Batman Lego 2

New page on Director Fritz Lang

Paul Smith Cover to The Spirit #17


More The Spirit

Cover to Spirit Issue 6, Darwyn Cooke

Spirit Cover Art Issue 6

See the cover enlarged. Will Eisner's The Spirit Index here.

New Book on History of Marvel

Sean Howe's 496 page long story of Marvel Comics

Sean Howe Marvel Comics the Untold Story

This book covers a very wide range of history and includes so many people from Marvel's history that it helps to at least have a previous knowledge of Kirby, Ditko, Steranko, and of course Stan Lee and Martin Groodman. Written from the point of view of someone who is contemporous with the last decade or so of Marvel events, it unravels quite a few of the legends about the clash of personalities in Marvel's huge wake of creative personalities.

Learn more about this book (comes out in October) on the Marvel Comics Page

Screen Superheroes of 2012

Update Aug 6, 2012

  1. Avengers $1,461,368,487 worldwide
  2. Dark Knight Rises $737.1 Million worldwide
  3. Amazing Spider-Man $678,526,210 worldwide

For more numbers, see Top Earning Superhero Movies

Joss Whedon Writing and Directing Avengers 2

This is hardly a surprise - Avengers has pulled $1,461,368,487 worldwide, and Disney must be chomping at the bit to get another one out. Scheduling for a 2015 release of the sequel to Marvel Studios billion dollar earner.

Read More at the Marvel Page
Added Page: Jordi Bernet on this web site

Greg Capullo Art from Batman 2

Detail from the cover of issue 2, "The New 52," DC Comics 2011 Detail from Capullo's cover to Batman Issue 2

Click image to enlarge to see full cover.

More Greg Capullo

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

More Sophia Loren at

Frazetta Panel from Squeeze Play

Cony Island Panel Frank Frazetta

See the entire page - From Shock Suspenstories #13, 1954

BLac Widow Scarlett Johansson Age of Ultron poster

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson page 2

Scarlett Johansson page 3

Natasha Romanoff Poster (Large)

Reduced Sized images Scarlett Johansson Avengers/Black Widow

2012 Avengers Poster (Large)

Scarlett Johansson Iron Man 2 Posters (Large)


Wonder Woman Transformation 1978

Original Page August 20, 2012

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman