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Supergirl Panel from Issue #1

Supergirl Issue 1 Mahmud Asrar

See the entire page enlarged. Or just this Supergirl Panel.

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Supergirl #19, June 2013, Mahmud Asrar costume art

Supergirl #19, June 2013, Power Girl and Supergirl spread

Supergirl #17, April 2013, Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl

Supergirl #17, April 2013, Mahmud Asrar Cover

Supergirl #17, April 2013, Mahmud Asrar Splash Page

Supergirl #17, April 2013, Mahmud Asrar Page B

Supergirl #17, April 2013, Mahmud Asrar Page C

Supergirl #17, April 2013, Mahmud Asrar Page D

Supergirl #1 Splash page by Mahmud Asrar (nov 2011)

Supergirl #1 Panel Art

Supergirl #1 art page by Mahmud Asrar (nov 2011)

Supergirl Cover art issue 1 by Mahmud Asrar

Supergirl #54, Sept 2010, Cover by Shane Davis

Supergirl #55, Oct 2010, Amy Reeder 'Bizarro' cover

Amanda Conner Supergirl page from Wednesday Comics

2-page spread from Supergirl #12, art by Amanda Conner

Supergirl #1, Nov 1972, Bob Oksner Cover art

Supergirl Action Comics #324 Cover, 1965 (1972 reprint) Curt Swan

Supergirl Page 1

Supergirl Page 2

Supergirl Page 3

Supergirl Page 4

Supergirl Page 5

Supergirl Page 6

Supergirl Page 7

Supergirl Page 8

Supergirl Page 9


A coupling few could have seen coming

Batman and Brave Cards

From a Virginia Wal-Mart gift card display, July 2012. See enlarged.

Dark Knight Rises, Imax Theater, Washington DC

Dark Knight Rises Smithsonian Air and Space Imax

The Dark Knight Rises Movie Page

Neil Gaiman coming back to Sandman

Neil Gaiman coming back to Sandman, with J. H. Williams III handling the art chores. The announcement was made at Comic-Con in San Diego by Gaiman on July 12, and the new title will appear in 2013, published by DC Comics.

Creepy is coming back

Creepy Wrightson Cover issue 113

[Above: Creepy #113, All Wrightson Issue. See cover enlarged.]

New 2013: A four-part anthology film titled "Creepy" is coming from Chris Columbus, one segment of which he will write and produce, the entire film based on the Warren Magazine from the 1960s-80s. Columbus is the producer on the first three of the Harry Potter films, Fantastic Four II Rise of the Silver Surfer, and the coming Percy Jackson: Sea Monsters film.

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Kaluta cover to Detective Comics #434, 1973

Detective Comics #434

Kaluta and Frank Robbins introduced the character "The Spook" in 1973. Grant Morrison killed off the hapless villain in the "Batson" run of Batman #655-658 in 2006.

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Ryan Sook Cover Zatanna Issue 1

Sook Zatanna

Enlarge artwork, Ryan Sook Zatanna Issue 1

Ryan Sook Zatanna


Zatanna Index

Zatanna advertisement by Estaban Maroto, 1993

Zatanna #1, June 2005, Sook Cover Art

Zatanna #2, Aug 2005, Sook cover artwork

Zatanna #2, Aug 2005, Sook Page

Zatanna #5, Sept 2010, Stephane Roux zombie cover

Zatanna #11, May 2011, Adam Hughes Cover

Zatanna #13, July 2011, Adam Hughes Cover art

Detective Comics #850, Jan 2009, Dustin Nguyen Zatanna & Catwoman

Zatanna #1, May 2010, page by Stephane Roux artwork

Zatanna #2, June 2010, page by Stephane Roux artwork

Zatanna - Random Cover Art Gallery

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson page 2

Scarlett Johansson page 3

Natasha Romanoff Poster (Large)

Reduced Sized images Scarlett Johansson Avengers/Black Widow

2012 Avengers Poster (Large)

Scarlett Johansson Iron Man 2 Posters (Large)


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