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Nick Cardy Art, 1974 Superman and Batgirl

Superman and Batgirl together

See this cover to the Amazing World of Superman #279 enlarged

More Nick Cardy Artwork

Patrick Gleason Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin by Patrick Gleason

Jack Kirby cover to Kamandi #9

Jack Kirby Kamandi issue 9

Kirby (in issue 9 of Kamandi) explored the rituals of the landing of astronauts "Splash Down".

More Kamandi

1932 'Conte Verde' promo Art Deco Poster

Poster Deco Image

Click to view this deco image at a much larger size

Jim Lee panel Justice League of America #9, July 2012

Jim Lee Batman

See the panel with comments here.

View the entire Justice League page here.

Dr. Doom versus Batman

1001 Trophies of Batman

From "The 1,001 Trophies of Batman"

Rope Crazy: A Gunfire Western Novel

Rope Crazy

Page on Rope Crazy has moved here.

Pam Grier

More Pam Grier

Power Girl and Batgirl

Wonder Woman Transformation 1978


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman