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Anne Hathaway Catwoman Promo Poster

Anne Hathaway Catwoman

A United Kingdom poster image

More Dark Knight Rises Promo images

Dark Knight Rises Page

Catwoman #10, Guillem March Art

Guillem March

See the entire page here.

See the cover for Catwoman #10 by Guillem March here.

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Mike Allred Ant-Man - FF#12

Ant-Man FF 12 Mike Allred

More Ant-Man

Frank Robbins art

House of Mystery Frank Robbins

House of Mystery #233, 1975

See the entire Frank Robbins Page enlarged

Jim Lee cover to Superman #213

Jim Lee Superman Cover 213

See this Jim Lee cover much larger here.

View an interior page by Jim Lee from the same issue.

Cover first issue appearance of Black Orchid

Adventure Comics Black Orchid

Adventure Comics #428, Art by Bob Oksner

See this 1973 cover art enlarged here.

Also see this Nestor Redondo Splash Page featuring Black Orchid from Phantom Stranger #28, 1974

More Black Orchid

Torpedo ... Los! by Roy Lichtenstein

Torpedo Los by Lichtenstein From the Lichtenstein exhibit at the Chicago Institute of Fine Arts, June 2012

Painted image is 173.4 cm × 204 cm (68.3 inches × 80 inches

The source of Lichtenstein's image for Torpedo...Los! is "Battle of the Ghost Ships" from D.C. Comics' Our Fighting Forces issue #71, October 1962. Original art by Jack Abel, from a Bob Haney script. Lichtenstein significantly changed the artwork and text, though the image is recognizably sourced from Abel's art.


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