Black Cat number 1 art by Joe Simon 1946

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Jordi Bernet from SOLO #5, DC Comics

Jordi Bernet Batman DC Comics

Enlarge this Jordi Bernet page, from Solo #5, October 2005, DC Comics

Jordi Bernet on this web site

Nick Cardy Unexpected Cover Issue 154

Unexpected 154 Nick Cardy

See artwork enlarged Unexpected 154 January 1974 - Nick Cardy

Fritz Lang 1926 Metropolis Poster

Metropolis the SIlent Movie by Fritz Lang

The text is reconstructed using a version of the old Compugraphic Futura Maxi

More Metropolis images here

Jim Aparo cover art: Batman and Supergirl

Supergirl and Batman by Jim Aparo

See the cover from Brave and the Bold #160, May 1980 cover date, enlarged

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Dodge Charger 1972 - free vinyl roof

Dodge Charger Topper 1972 Advert

See this advertisement for the Dodge Charger 1972 Topper enlarged



Vincent Price - 1911 - 1993Vincent Price Monster Movies

The Fly, The Tingler, The Raven (2nd version w/Karloff), numerous Poe adaptations ("The Raven" adaptation is barely Poe at all, more comedy than horror, and more Vincent than Corman, who made it). Appeared in Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands playing all the mad doctors of dozens of old monster movies all rolled into one.

Bride of Frankenstein - Art Adams

More Arthur Adams art

Wonder Woman

Panosian Wonder Woman

More Dan Panosian

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