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Jeffrey Catherine Jones has died

Jeffrey Catherine Jones Death

Read More here

Jeffrey Jones

Betty and Veronica #136, 1967

Betty and Veronica issue #136 From 1967

More Betty and Veronica

More Archie Comics

Wonder Woman ZP

Railway, Washington DC

Washington DC Railway Station

Coming into Union Station

Batman Collage Eric Meador

Batman Eric Meador

Batman Collage I saw at Club Batman's Facebook Page, art by Eric Meador. The artwork is also right here.

Final Issue of Batman

Batman Panel

From the final issue of the original run of Batman comics begun in 1940. Batman, issue #713, October 2011 cover date. View the entire page.

Una the Blade Web Comic

Una the Blade

Came across this: A good looking swords-and-babies project in the works for digital publishing from Steve LeCouilliard. The webcomic Una the Blade can be previewed with a few pages at and especially at LeCouilliard's tumblr page.

DC Comics 9/11 book from 2002 a "Free Read" on 10th Anniversary of event

9 11 DC Comics Book

DC Comics is providing a free digital online read of their 9/11 tribute collection from 2002 which has work by Tim Sale, Neal Adams, Jim Lee, Neil Gaiman, Rich Corben, Sam Glanzman, Scott McDaniel, and quite a few others.

Comixology DC Comics 9/11 Book

Uncle Scrooge

Uncle Scrooge

[Above: Don Rosa story and art from "The Quest for Kalevala" published by Gemstone in Uncle Scrooge #234, Feb 2004. View the entire page.]

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Captain America Promo Image the Movie

New Jim Aparo Book Coming

Jim Aparo Book

New Jim Aparo collection coming from DC Comics. Hope it includes the run of Archie Goodwin-penned tales from the mid-seventies. Cover of the book (as advertised so far) is a recoloring of the art Aparo did for the cover of Brave and the Bold 111. See it at 1400 pixels here.

Pre-order at amazon here.

Legends of the Dark Knight Vol 1 Jim Aparo

Volume 2 Jim Aparo Legends of the Dark Knight


"The Arteest" new free web comic by Bill Nichols and Robin Ator


Read it online here.


Jim Aparo cover on latest Back Issue Magazine

Jim AParo COver Back Issue

An appraisal of Jim Aparo's 1970s work (mostly praise) is the lead article in the latest issue of Back Issue magazine from TwoMorrows. Read more about this on our Jim Aparo page.

Brave and the Bold Batman 111


Mahmud Asrar Supergirl

See the splash page art as it appeared in Supergirl #1 (Nov 2011 cover date) enlarged here.

Saw this graceful, beautiful artwork online at the web site for artist Mahmud Asrar. Much more at his Web Site here.

More Mahmud Asrar


Pam Grier

Pam Grier

More Pam Grier

Pam Grier


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