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Ryan Sook, Zatanna issue 2

Zatanna issue 2 art by Sook

See this Zatanna page by Ryan Sook larger here.


Sook Comic Book Art

DC Graphic Novel Essentials book cover by Sook

Justice League Dark #1, Nov 2011, Sook Cover art

Kamandi - Wednesday Comics #9, Sept 2, 2009, DC Comics, Sook Page

Zatanna #1, June 2005, Ryan Sook Cover

Zatanna #1, June 2005, Ryan Sook art

Zatanna #2, August 2005, Ryan Sook Cover

Mystery in Space #1, July 2012, Sook Cover


Zatanna Index

Zatanna advertisement by Estaban Maroto, 1993

Zatanna #1, June 2005, Sook Cover Art

Zatanna #2, Aug 2005, Sook cover artwork

Zatanna #2, Aug 2005, Sook Page

Zatanna #5, Sept 2010, Stephane Roux zombie cover

Zatanna #11, May 2011, Adam Hughes Cover

Zatanna #13, July 2011, Adam Hughes Cover art

Detective Comics #850, Jan 2009, Dustin Nguyen Zatanna & Catwoman

Zatanna #1, May 2010, page by Stephane Roux artwork

Zatanna #2, June 2010, page by Stephane Roux artwork

Zatanna - Random Cover Art Gallery

Superman : Man of Steel 2013

Superman Man of Steel 2013

Man of Steel Quite a cast: Amy Adam (Lois Lane), Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Superman), Russell Crowe Russell Crowe (Jor-El), Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent), Diane Lane (Martha Kent), Laurence Fishburne (Perry White), Julia Ormond ( Lara Lor-Van)

More Superman

More Lois Lane.

Holy All-The-Robins

All the Robins

A convention of guys/gals who are/were Robin are coming together (from the DC Comics promo blurb):

Art and cover by RICK BURCHETT and DAN DAVIS
On sale NOVEMBER9 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED E
Batman is seriously injured, so it’s up to a whole team of Robins to stop the League of Assassins! How? The Phantom Stranger reaches through space and time to gather everyone who’s ever been “The Boy Wonder,” but will their combined skills be enough?

Any sign of Carrie Kelly?


Woman Anthology

Forbes Article by Tracy John:

"A month ago, artist Renae De Liz set out to raise $25,000 by August 7th to make a comic book compilation of female writers and artists. The independent comic, titled Womanthology, ended up garnering over $100,000 in donations.

Raising $109,301 in funding with over 2,000 backers — including director Kevin Smith, fantasy novelist Neil Gaiman and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee — Womanthology is one of the most successful projects ever on creative funding platform Kickstarter."

The incredible success of Womanthology has bred the inevitable questions about what's going on with all that money. For example see this one small section from an exchange at the Lauren McCubbin website:

"...Look - this money was raised to do a specific project. It has all gotten fuzzy, and the answers are still not there. The reason that I am asking all these questions is a very selfish one, I admit - I don’t want anyone to get so turned off by the super sketchy nature of the finances on this project that they won’t contribute to a Kickstarter project again."

The situation isn't a new one, a tsunami of success all of a sudden can take a business by surprise (let alone an individual) and result in what looks like paralysis, which can get interpreted in many ways when there is money at stake. Hammering out a publicly-viewable framework for how the donations are being distributed into the project (and out of it) should solve most issues. I haven't heard anyone say they want this to blow up in anyone's face, and success of this project for a new cadre of artists and writers is going to be a boost to the comic book industry in general (which needs all the boosts it can get).

Dark Knight Rises Poster

Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises

Anne Hathaway Catwoman

Sienkiewicz From Elektra #5, December 1986

Sienkiewicz Elektra Panel

Above: Panel from page of issue #5 from the Frank Miller and Sienkiewicz
Elektra mini-series from Marvel Comics.

Cover artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz

Batwoman #1

Batwoman J H Williams III

Above: Cover to the (long awaited) J. H. Williams III Batwoman comic
from the "New 52!" DC Comics . View the entire cover.

Batwoman J H Williams

J H Williams Ink page

More J. H. Williams III

Dark Wraith Batman

Patrick Alexander's "Dark Wraith" from Dark Horse Presents #2, June 2011 ffrom Dark Horse Comics View the entire page.

Robin Cartoon Compilation

Robin Compilation

"Holy Barking Bow Wow"


lex Toth Darby O'Gill

Alex Toth "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" Disney adaptation. View the entire page.

Howard Chaykin

Batman and Catwoman Howard Chaykin

Above: Chaykin art from Batman-Catwoman "Follow the Money" - see entire page enlarged.

More Catwoman.

Superman Copyright Fight

Vintage Superman Advertisement

The ongoing fight over the copyright for Superman continues between the heirs of Jerry Siegel / Joe Shuster and Warner Communications / DC Comics. A new twist is the argument that by failing to include this black and white vintage Superman advertisement predating the appearance of Action Comics #1, the Siegel/Shuster side has left open a technical loophole allowing DC Comics to counterattack. Read a whole timeline of the legal fight over Superman here.


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