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ARCHIVE PAGE 92 - December 2011

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Batgirl Reboot

Batgirl Issue 1 cover by Adam Hughes

Reboot Batgirl has legs: Cover art for the first issue by Adam Hughes.

More Batgirl.

Cover art Swamp Thing #102

Swamp Thing by Simon Bisley

More Swamp Thing



Scary Quote of the Day

"Tokyopop is closing down its manga line. Not long ago, this company and others like it were sometimes pointed to as the future of comics publishing. I suppose they still might be." From the Comics Journal blog.

Jim Aparo Wonder Woman

Jim Aparo art from Brave and the Bold #158 Cover - Page A - Page B - Page C

More Wonder Woman

The late Joanne Siegel letter to Warner Bros protesting legal harassment over Superman copyrights

"Do you really think the families of Superman’s creators should be treated this way?"

The Deadline Hollywood movie web site by Nikki FInke has a copy of the letter Joanne Siegel (Superman creator Jerry Siegel's wife and as she is usually identified "The model for Lois Lane") wrote before her death in February protesting Warner Bros continued legal maneuvers despite losing the fight over the Superman copyrights. Continue

Mark Verheiden

Didn't know this was out there: Verheiden's blogspot site. (Verheiden is the original APA-5 progenitor, which isn't listed on his very long, impressive resume of comics, movies and TV. APA-5 being a pretty important piece of comics history, and by virtue of some of its 'graduates' pop culture at large.)

Jim Shooter

The former head of Marvel Comics is working on a project to retool the defunct Gold Key comics company heroes for Dark Horse. Notice at the Heidi McDonald The Beat. Jim Shooter also blogs, a recent topic being "The Problems with Marvel Comics".

Can comics make room for new characters?

Saw this at the Heidi McDonald "The Beat" discussing whether comic books will allow new characters to emerge. Mostly the attitude seems to be "no."

"Five years ago, there was no Glee, no AVATAR, no Hunger Games, no Bieber, no Gaga. Seven years ago there was no Twilight, no Lost, no Dexter. It’s a lot harder to find new characters in film because they are as risk-averse as comics, but in TV and books they are the lifeblood. Have comics REALLY become that ossified?"

The Spectre

Jim Aparo The Spectre

More Jim Aparo

Wonder Woman Movie Deal

More Superhero Mockery

Neal Adams, Manbat, 1970

Manbat by Neal Adams

View page Neal Adams "Man or Bat" 1970 Detective Comics Page

Florida Hamburgers

Flyers FLorida

Plastic Man

Plastic Man Happy Meal

Plastic Man Action Figure Happy Meal

See enlarged images here.

Batman Action FIgure

Wolverine Happy Meal

Batman Action Figure Game Piece

See enlarged images here.

Get Smart

Get Smart


Wolverine Happy Meal

Wolverine Happy Meal Toy

I guess this yellow and blue fellow is illegal at the MCDonalds around San Francisco. See enlarged images here.

Pam Grier - The Bronx

More Pam Grier


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