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Amy Reeder - Supergirl #55 BizarroGirl

Supergirl 55 art by Amy Reeder

Supergirl #55 by Amy Reeder - See enlarged.

See Bizarro Superman

Popeye the Sailor 66 - Bud Sagendorf art

More Popeye

Record Set for sale on Frank Miller Art

Frank Miller Batman

Large Frank Miller Batman drawing sets record

Fred Ray art - Superman #9 Cover Art

Superman #9 Fred Ray Cover Art

March-April 1941 Issue. Fred Ray inks. More original run 1939 classic Superman covers.

J. H. Williams, Batwoman 17 Page Art


Detail from the J. H. Williams page to Batwoman #17, April 2013. See entire Page.

More J. H. Williams III

Toronto Comics Art Festival


Nice photography by Sam Javanrouh of the 6th annual Toronto Comics Art Festival at squidface and the meddler web site..

Official TCAF web site here.

Spiderman Crack

Spiderman Crack

Saw this at film critic extraordinaire Roger Ebert's blog. Image credit given to "Internet Scout: Larry J. Kolb" - See Ebert's blog online

Spiderman Ebert

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Amy Adams is Lois Lane for the Zack Snyder Superman film

Amy Adams New Lois Lane

Amy Adams is the princess Giselle from the Disney 2007 Enchanted, Amelia Earhart from Night at the Museum II, and is playing Janis Joplin in a bio film now in production. IMDB has a list of all her TV and film credits here.

Amy Adams

More Lois Lane.

Frank Gorshin - The RIddler

Frank Gorshin - The Riddler

More Batman 1966 TV Show

Gary Frank, Cover #859

Gary Frank Cover Art Action Comics 859

Gary Frank artwork, cover Action Comics #859. See entire cover.

Unusual Tintin Black Island Promo Poster

Tintin the Black Island review of the American 1975 Little, Brown edition of the album. Read about the unusual promotional poster for the book here.

More Tintin

Daniel Branca Uncle Scrooge Issue 334 Gemstone

Daniel Branca Uncle Scrooge Cover, Issue 334 from Gemstone, 2004

More Uncle Scrooge

International Read Comics in Public Day - August 28

They ask:

"Still think you’re too cool to read comics in public?"

Why August 28? It's Jack Kirby's 93rd birthday.

The International Read Comics in Public Day effort has a web site here.

Supergirl #1 - 1972

Supergirl #1 - 1972 - Oksner Cover Art

More Bob Oksner


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman