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Joe Kubert Tarzan 1972

Tarzan by Joe Kubert 1972

About the DC Comics issue from 1972 and a general discussion of comic book cover marketing then and now.

Kubert Material on this web site:

Rima the Jungle Girl issue #6 Cover

Rima the Jungle Girl issue #7 Cover

Joe Kubert Tor #1 "The Outcast" DC Comics July 2008

Joe Kubert art from Tarzan #214 -1972 DC Comics - Page A

Joe Kubert art from Tarzan #214 -1972 DC Comics - Page B

Joe Kubert HAWKMAN page 1962

Joe Kubert Sgt. Rock Cover, November 1976

La, Queen of the City of Opar, from "The Return of Tarzan"

La of Opar "red"

Eisner Birthday gets Google logo

Google Eisner Logo

Michael Cavna at the Washington Post has a good rundown on Google's move to honor the comic book pioneer this past March 6, and why it's worthwhile. Eisner did a lot to promote comics as legitimate art medium and with the higher profile comic books have received in the last decade, clearly the heroes of the field are cutting deeper into the mainstream consciousness of western culture. Pamphlet comics continue to struggle on miniscule print-runs compared to their heyday, but with movies and graphic novels everywhere, the triumph of the medium seems accomplished - and that's partially due to Eisner's efforts.

Vaguely related: Review of Spirit #1 from DC Comics, by Darwyn Cooke
Archie as wolfman By Francesco Francavilla

Francesco Francavilla is cutting a swath through old comicdom with revision covers and comic originals: at his web site here.

More Archie

Best selling Graphic Novel of February 2011: Batman Return of Bruce Wayne

I've got all the issues from DC Comics for this bestselling (according to Diamond Distributors) graphic novel collection, but I've never been able to follow it to figure out what was going on except the Batman suit was not occupied by Bruce Wayne. Sales figures indicate it must be a popular idea: I wonder if this will birth other mainline superhero series in which the star isn't even in the series.

Bruce Wayne

Amazon has it for $16.55 new

[I took a look at the Amazon Top 100 best selling books, and the closest to any "comic book" being in the list was a Pokemon strategy guide, and "The Ugly Truth" Wimpy Kid book, which at least contains cartoons within the text. On March 11, 2011, "Batman Return of Bruce Wayne was #1,124 in at Amazon.]

Spiderman show trauma and trials

March 11, 2011: The Broadway show is characterized by critics as
something akin to a car-wreck, but it's been making money. READ MORE
Spiderman Actor stage show

Harley Quinn

Donald Duck and Friends

Fransceso D'Ippolito art from Donald Duck and Friends #358, BOOM Kids Comics. See the entire page

If you think that part of the world of American comic books is paralyzed in a limbo where Jack Kirby, Ditko, Infantino (and others) will forever rule, kids comics have the same problem, only worse: Carl Barks and Gottfredson, among others, overshadow any critical evaluation of modern efforts. Boom Kids comics are publishing Donald Duck and Friends and have tried to get the series into synch with the 21st century. Donald Duck is a spy in one part of the series, though more usual fare is also on hand, fitting the "all ages" effort. Nicely done artwork with a heavily-influenced look from modern animation is on the pages.

For an interesting look at the problems faced by all-ages comics, see this interview by Brigid Alverson with Ape Entertainment Publisher Jason Burns at Comic Book Resources.

Rick Geary

Below: Artwork and text by Rick Geary for the book The Murder of Abraham Lincoln, published by Comicslit, 2005. See the entire page here.]

Rick Geary Lincoln

John Severin

[Below: Artwork by John Severin for the Dark Horse Comics' Witchfinder #1.

January 2011. See the entire page here.]

John Severin Witchfinder

Supergirl #1 - 1972

Supergirl #1 - 1972 - Oksner Cover Art

More Bob Oksner

Superman Pryer

Superman 3 page updated

The "Technology of Superman 3" page has updated with new images, etc. See page here

Things to do with your comic book collection: drug money laundering

"A large-scale methamphetamine dealer who allegedly laundered drug profits by purchasing valuable comic books is in danger of forfeiting his 18,753-volume collection to Uncle Sam, according to a new court filing.

Federal prosecutors yesterday filed a U.S. District Court complaint seeking ownership of the comic book holdings of Aaron Castro, 30, who is facing a May trial in Colorado on narcotics distribution and weapons charges. The comics are valued in excess of $500,000."

Story at the Smoking Gun

Sin City the Game at the $5 Store

Sin City the Game

Stacked next to Barbie

Howard Chaykin - Archie Black Hood Cover

Archie Comics - Cover Art Chaykin Art

Scott McDaniel: Batman from Detective Comics #869

Scott McDaniel Batman

[Above: Scott McDaniel art from Detective Comics #869, DC Comics.

See the entire page)

From Island of Lost Souls (1932)

Island of Lost SOuls

Jack Kirby Estate and Marvel Comics face off in new legal judgment

Federal Judge Colleen MacMahon has made rulings which are speeding up the legal contest between the Kirby Estate and Marvel (and Disney) over copyright ownership of a whole list of Marvel comics characters.

Marvel owned by Disney

Batgirl Special 1988


Batgirl 6

Art by Barry Kitson, with inks by Bruce Patterson.

More Batgirl Special 1988


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