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Frank Cho New Ultimates - Valkyrie and Thor

Ultimates Captain America Frank Cho Artwork

Intimidating: Frank Cho Valkyrie and Thor also appear in the sad denoument to the Jeph Loeb written story. Click image to see larger version.

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Wonder Woman Return

Artgerm Wonder Woman Returns

Frequent DC Comics artist Stanley "Artgerm" Lau reacts to the new redesign of Wonder Woman. Plus some history and observations on the premier female superheroine.

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Harley Quinn One Shot

Harley Quinn Grenade One-Shot

Joe Quinones art from the Harley Quinn One Shot.See the entire page)

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Marvel "dodges bullet" as Stan Lee Media suit fails in court once again

Stan Lee himself long ago severed his relationship with the company he founded with his name on it, but because of conflicting problems over ownership of the Lee penned heroes at Marvel (X-Men, among others) the shareholders in SLM keep trying to find a way to get a finger on the lucrative stable of superhero properties. Read more on the Marvel Comics page

Nolan Batman 3: "The Dark Knight Rises"

Batman Christian Bale - Batman - The Dark Knight Rises

Feb 24, 2011: Rumours and "confirmed rumours" for the next Chris Nolan Batman movie says actor Tom Hardy is on hand as Batman nemesis Bane; Ann Hathaway will appear as Catwoman; Robin the Boy Wonder will appear, too.

No mention of Batmite, though.

Long list of updates and speculations at Screenrant

Anne Hathaway - Catwoman Dark Knight Rises

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Darwyn Cooke

Darwyn Cooke Wonder Woman Yellow

Darwyn Cooke of the DC Comics "Trinity"

Genkaku Picasso by Usamaru Furuya

Genkaku Picasso

New series that started in the October 2010 issue of Shonen Jump about an amateur artist nicknamed "Picasso," haunted by a tiny dead Chiaki Yamamoto, a fellow student who was the only member of his "Riverside Club" which met for the purpose of drawing water. Suddenly his drawings have the ability to see into the depths of other people's actions and dilemmas.

Click to see page enlargements Chiaki and Genkaku Picasso.

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The Mouse

Mickey Mouse Adventures Book from 1931

Mickey Mouse Adventures

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Halle Berry Catwoman

Halle Berry Catwoman 2004

Generally reviled feature film that re-invents Catwoman in a way distant from the comic book character and the various renditions of the character by Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether from the TV series. Meaning: the director came up with something new and no one liked it, including Halle Berry who ultimately called the film a 'piece of shit."

Catwoman film - 2004 starring Halle Berry

Catwoman Halle Berry Promo

Catwoman Halle Berry Poster

Catwoman Halle Berry Promotional Photo

Catwoman Halle Berry Photo 4

Catwoman Halle Berry Photo 5

Catwoman Halle Berry Photo 6

Catwoman Halle Berry Entertainment Weekly

Frazer Irving Batman

Frazer Irving - Batman

The final issue of Grant Morrison's run on the DC Comics' Batman and Robin series (issue #16) has the work of three different artists telling the story. See this Frazer Irving Batman page enlarged here.

Jock Batman

Detective Comics 872 Jock Batman artwork

Artwork by Jock, interior splash page from Detective Comics #872. DC Comics February 2011 Cover Date. Click to view entire splash page]

Jock Artwork

Art by Jock

Savage Wolverine 11, art by Jock.

Batman #14, Jan 2013 - Penguin Page

Batman #13, Jan 2013 - Joker Page

Detective Comics #872 - Batcycle Splash Page

Detective Comics #880 - Joker Cover Image

Detective Comics #800, Jan 2005, Jock Cover art

Rush City #1, September 2006, Jock cover art

Rush City Comics #3, Nov 2006, Black Canary cover by Jock

Spring Special 1978 (DC Special #12)

Starlin Cover - Secrets of Haunted House Spring Special DC 12

Cover by Jim Starlin. Cover for the Spring Special 1978

More Secrets of Haunted House

Comic BOok Page Art by Vicente Alcazar 1978

Batman Dark Knight Cup candy page updated

Comic Book Graphic Novel rack at the Memphis International Airport Aug 2010

Memphis Comic Book Rack Airport

Comic Book Stores and More

Comic Book Stores of America

Store rack superheroes

Superhero Cups 2013 - Spider Man, Batman, Marilyn Monroe

Marvel Comics

Avengers Assemble - stuffed dolls, 2013

Crayola Giant Coloring Pages with the Avengers

Large Spider-Man cup cake

Sugar and spiders. See more Many Spiderman Cup Cakes

Wolverine - Happy Meal Figure

Jack Kirby Shorts - instore display with Captain America

Spider-Man - Hamburger Protection Services (Photo)

Spiderman Geek vs Christian Bale Dark Knight

Daredevil vs the Most Dangerous Man in the World

Ironman Movie 2 and Dr. Pepper Soft Drinks

DC Comics

He looks pretty angry. See the Mr Freeze Lego image larger.

Dark Knight Batman Lego Pajamas

Superman iconography on Rolling Stone Magazine, Jan 2013

Dark Knight Rises - Cardboard rack next to girls clothing

Dark Knight Rises - Cardboard Catwoman - Store Display

Dark Knight Rises Cardboard DVD/Toy and Bluray Display instore

Dark Knight Rises Theatre Posters

Dark Knight Rises - Mezitz Batman and Catwoman toys

Dark Knight Rises -Mez-itz Batman and Bane DKR toy set

The Dark Knight - Batman the chocolate bar

The Dark Knight - Batman the Dark Knight Cheerios

DC Superfriends Tot Batmobile

Fisher Price Batmobile

Super Hero jackets - Batman, Superman and Bazinga

Large Plastic Man Give Away Toy

Odd Couple - Batman and Merida from "Brave"

Misc Comics

Archie comics on the supermarket stand in Chesterfield Virginia

Rack Comics

Comic Books at the Barnes and Noble

Comic Book Spinner Rack on the Island of Mackinac ("Mackinaw")

Archie comics on the supermarket stand in Chesterfield Virginia

Why is Manga eating the lunch of 'graphic novels'? Barnes and Noble shelves

Magazine war: Ironman 3 vs Man of Steel

Frank Miller: "Holy Terror, Batman!" is now just "Holy Terror!"

Profile piece at the Los Angeles Times about Miller and his long-simmering 122-page Batman Vs. Al Qaeda graphic novel which is now sans Batman, sans DC Comics, and nearing completion without a publisher determined yet.

Besides that, Miller has a prequel of "300" coming out from Dark Horse. The tale will concentrate on Xerxes and his rise to power and eventual intent to conquer the defiant Greeks (and Spartans), and is already in the Hollywood run-around with Director Zack Snyder and writer Kurt Johnstad involved.

Los Angeles Times article

Wikipedia article on Holy War, Batman

UK Telegraph article (2006) on the Miller Batman novel

Holy Terror Frank Miller

Updated pages about the Bill Harvey Dangerworld comic Click for more.

Odds Comics

Leinil Yu spread from new Avengers and a complaint about the
production on the New Avengers Collection.

New Avengers Leinil Yu

George Lepape Vogue magazine cover image has been updated.

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