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ARCHIVE PAGE 87 - March 2011

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Iron Man by Vasili Zorin
Vasili Ironman

Ironman and his missiles: Image by Vasili Zorin over at the Honk Fu blog.

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Marilyn Monroe

Archie Goes Digital

Archie Digital Comics

January 2011: Archie Comics Publications has a launched a digital comics subscription system at which provides a range of dated and new Archie comics material. Subscriptions start at $9.94 USD per month.

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Ack! What is this? Frank Cho Thor Ultimates

Frank Cho THor Ultimates #4

Above: Ack! What is This? Frank Cho artwork from Marvel Comics New Ultimates #4,
December 2010. See the entire page

Brave and the Bold issue 131 page from 1976

Brave and the Bold 131 from 1976

Catwoman plots and Batman and Wonder Woman figure out Bob Haney's script in order to catch her. From 1976. See the whole page enlarged.

Wonder Woman artwork
Wonder Woman

Don't know who this is by: Saw it at the Bruce and Diana blog.

Good anime styling for the DC Comics Amazon.


Dave Johnson Doom Patrol

Dave Johnson Cliff Steele - Doom Patrol

Dave Johnson art of robot Cliff Steele from the DC Comics Doom Patrol. Nice image and I like the blacking. See the whole thing at comictwart. (You can read about the controversy of whether Stan Lee stole ideas from Doom Patrol to create The Fantastic Four, or the other way around, or even if Jack Kirby directly/indirectly created both along with Challengers of the Unknown, another DC Comics team title.)

Dave Stevens' Rocketeer

The Rocketeer

Source: tumbler off blogspot

Can't identify the artist. Click to enlarge and see this nice black inked rendition of the late Dave Stevens' Rocketeer.

Iron Man Whiplash Poster

Iron Man 2 - Whiplash Poster - see larger

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman