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Chris Nolan "Batman 3" getting underway

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

From Fandango online:

"...the third installment of Christopher Nolan's 'Batman' franchise. Most (if not all) of the same cast will be returning (Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine), but this time around Bruce Wayne will need a new love interest and a new villain or two to square off against.

... it appears as if Nolan has chosen Tom Hardy (Inception, Bronson) to play "a lead role" in the new Batman movie, presumably as one of the main villains since, other than a replacement for Harvey Dent, there doesn't seem to be anyone else for him to play. Because Hardy is so versatile, the list of villains he could potentially play is pretty long – from The Riddler to Killer Croc, there are a number of large-and-in-charge bad boys this actor could take on."

"Batman 3" (surely this won't be the title) will go to theatre screens July 20, 2012.

Hathaway Catwoman - Dark Knight Rises - Chris Nolan

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The Black Cat - Karloff, Lugosi

The Black Cat Lugosi and Karloff

Scarlett Johansson Black Widow

More Scarlett Johansson "The Black Widow"

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Crepax art "Man from Harlem"

Man from Harlem Page by GUido Crepax

See page enlarged.

Guido Crepax

Man from Harlem, Heavy Metal #10, Jan 1983, Crepax splash page

Man from Harlem, Heavy Metal #10, Jan 1983, Crepax page 2

Man from Harlem, Heavy Metal #10, Jan 1983, Crepax page 3

Black and white page from the Takeshi Obata BAKUMAN manga book

Bakuman Obata

Obata page

Superheroes bad for you?

Superheroes bad for growing minds and bodies? Rebut to researchers conclusions: Seduction of the innocent redux

Archie Comics Patrol

Archie Comics on supermarket rack

[Above and below, Archie comics on the local supermarket racks]

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Archie Comics Digest Winter

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Comic Book Stores and More

Comic Book Stores of America

Store rack superheroes

Superhero Cups 2013 - Spider Man, Batman, Marilyn Monroe

Marvel Comics

Avengers Assemble - stuffed dolls, 2013

Crayola Giant Coloring Pages with the Avengers

Large Spider-Man cup cake

Sugar and spiders. See more Many Spiderman Cup Cakes

Wolverine - Happy Meal Figure

Jack Kirby Shorts - instore display with Captain America

Spider-Man - Hamburger Protection Services (Photo)

Spiderman Geek vs Christian Bale Dark Knight

Daredevil vs the Most Dangerous Man in the World

Ironman Movie 2 and Dr. Pepper Soft Drinks

DC Comics

He looks pretty angry. See the Mr Freeze Lego image larger.

Dark Knight Batman Lego Pajamas

Superman iconography on Rolling Stone Magazine, Jan 2013

Dark Knight Rises - Cardboard rack next to girls clothing

Dark Knight Rises - Cardboard Catwoman - Store Display

Dark Knight Rises Cardboard DVD/Toy and Bluray Display instore

Dark Knight Rises Theatre Posters

Dark Knight Rises - Mezitz Batman and Catwoman toys

Dark Knight Rises -Mez-itz Batman and Bane DKR toy set

The Dark Knight - Batman the chocolate bar

The Dark Knight - Batman the Dark Knight Cheerios

DC Superfriends Tot Batmobile

Fisher Price Batmobile

Super Hero jackets - Batman, Superman and Bazinga

Large Plastic Man Give Away Toy

Odd Couple - Batman and Merida from "Brave"

Misc Comics

Archie comics on the supermarket stand in Chesterfield Virginia

Rack Comics

Comic Books at the Barnes and Noble

Comic Book Spinner Rack on the Island of Mackinac ("Mackinaw")

Archie comics on the supermarket stand in Chesterfield Virginia

Why is Manga eating the lunch of 'graphic novels'? Barnes and Noble shelves

Magazine war: Ironman 3 vs Man of Steel

Frank Frazetta SKetchbook

Frazetta Bio riddled with errors

August 19, 2010: Possibly the worst of the Frazetta bios to come along in the wake of his death is this one just published in the Brooklyn Eagle. The dates are a bit mixed up, and the resume given for Frazetta's achievements are only marginally correct or just flat-out wrong. Obviously the paper is trying to lionize a native son, but surprisingly poor journalism went into the fact-checking. Here's a sample quote:

"In the 1940s, he became addicted to comic books and comic book art. His comic book contributions started with Buck Rogers but then he sat in for Al Capp by drawing “Lil Abner.” He moved on to “Tarzan,” and eventually “Little Annie Fannie” for Playboy magazine.

But his claim to fame was his creation for the Conan the Barbarian comics in 1966."

A simply awful (or hilarious) biography sure to be quoted authoritatively in many places through the magic of the internet and search engines.

Supergirl #1 - 1972

Supergirl #1 - 1972 - Oksner Cover Art

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