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J. T. Yost

J T Yost
Above: Interview with J. T. Yost talking about his series LOSERS WEEPERS Click to read

Cartoon Museum Closing

The New York Ticonderoga Cartoon Museum is closing down and the 700-piece collection (includes work by Hal Foster, Frazetta and others) is moving to the Toonseum, boosting the Pittsburgh Museum's holdings to 3,000 plus artworks.

Ticonderoga Museum web site
Pittsburgh Toonseum

Robot Woman - Basil Wolverton

Basil Wolverton

Jack Kirby "The Murdering Misfit" Splash Page

Kamandi Page from issue 9 by Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby splash page from Kamandi #9, Sept 1973. See enlarged.

More Kamandi

Graphic novels for people who hate comics : Article by Therese ONeill that lists some of the obvious choices, and vaguely describes that the field has grown large enough now to accommodate just about any sort of reader. The books listed are going to be familiar to anyone who has been reading comics for awhile with at least a foot outside of the world of superheroes.

Conan The Destroyer Sold

Conan Destroyer
Frazetta Family Trust sells off "Conan the Destroyer" for $1.5 million USD.
Highest price yet on a Frazetta painting.

More Conan

Frank Frazetta SKetchbook
Superman defeats the KKK : interesting take on the radio adventures of Superman in which the writers relied upon journalist Stetson Kennedy's undercover work penetrating the KKK of the 1950s. Kennedy thought of Superman as the 'ultimate antifascist' and the theme of the show taking on the Klan made a major impact in the southern states.

Batman, Adam West

Batman Adam West

The Batman 1966 TV Show

Alex Raymond 1935 poster art for the Erroll Flynn movie "Captain Blood"

Alex Raymond Captain Blood


Hoxwinder Hall

Interview with Hoxwinder Hall Cartoonist Dan Boris

Catwoman Black and White

Wonder Woman Trinity Cover

More Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter - Bullet Deflecting Skills

Wonder Woman deflecting bullets-Lynda Carter 1

Wonder Woman deflecting bullets-Lynda Carter 2

Wonder Woman deflecting bullets-Lynda Carter 5

Wonder Woman deflecting bullets-Lynda Carter 4

Wonder Woman deflecting bullets-Lynda Carter 3

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Read the history of ice cream page


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman