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Wonder Woman, Superman and Witch Hazel

Wonder Woman and Superman and Witch Hazel

Guillem March Catwoman Splash page issue #1

Guillem March Catwoman Splash Page

More Guillem March Catwoman

More Guillem March

Superman Confidential #11

Tim Sale Superman Confidential

More Tim Sale

Lois Lane - Dick Giardano Cover

Lois Lane 114

More Lois Lane

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Andy Kubert Batman Annual
[Above: Andy Kubert artwork from the demented issue Batman #700. See the entire page)

Tales Calculated to drive you Mad, #10

Mad Comics Issue 10


Marilyn Monroe

Alley Cat
Artwork from the series ALLEY CAT - review coming
Written by Liam H Dempsey and Art by Stephen Trumble

The image of cute and cuddly kittens and cats gets turned on its head in this story of violent, back-alley fighting for survival.

Batgirl Artowrk by Pere Perez
Above: Batgirl artwork by Pere Prez from Batgirl #13, DC Comics.
Albert Uderzo AAsterix
[Above: Page 32 from Asterix the Legionary, drawn by Albert Uderzo.]

Woman of Paris - Charlie Chaplin film, 1923

A Woman of Paris

This is the odd duck among the flock of comedies Chaplin made: a 1923 melodrama written, directed, produced (and eventually musically scored, and probably his last creative effort before he died, in 1977) by the famous silent film virtuoso. No slapstick in this film, and Chaplin only appears briefly and nearly unrecognizably in a small part.

Artwork by Scott McDaniel

Jokers by Scott McDaniel

Art from Detective Comics #867, Sep 2010, DC Comics. Click to see full page or the "Joker Spread" from the same issue.

Halle Berry - Catwoman

Claws of Catwoman Halle Berry

Catwoman Halle Berry Promo

Catwoman Halle Berry Poster

Catwoman Halle Berry Promotional Photo

Catwoman Halle Berry Photo 4

Catwoman Halle Berry Photo 5

Catwoman Halle Berry Photo 6

Catwoman Halle Berry Entertainment Weekly

Felix Vallotton

Vallatton World Fair

Black and white image by Felix Vallotton from his series
"The World's Fair" - Click to view enlarged image


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman