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Fred Ray art - Superman #8 Cover Art

Issue #8 Superman cover by Fred Ray

Jan-Feb 1941 Issue. Fred Ray inks. More original run 1939 classic Superman covers.

Patrick Stewart Professor X

Patrick Stewart - Professor X from X-Men United

Jim Lee Catwoman

Catwoman By Jim Lee


Page from Batman and Robin All Stars #8
see full size Jim Lee version of Catwoman

Adam Hughes Catwoman #83

Adam Hughes Catwoman 83

Adam Hughes Related

Adam Hughes

Justice League of America #32, Nov 1989, Cover by Adam Hughes

Batman One-Shot 2004, Sept 2004, Adam Hughes/ Adam West cover

Adam Hughes Wonder Woman 141 Cover art

Adam Hughes Wonder Woman Just Imagine Cover art

Adam Hughes reboot Batgirl Cover Art

Catwoman #47, Nov 2005, Adam Hughes Cover

Catwoman #48, Dec 2005, Adam Hughes cover Art

Catwoman #49, Jan 2006, Adam Hughes Cover

Zatanna #11, May 2011, Adam Hughes Cover

Zatanna #13, July 2011, Adam Hughes Cover art

Amazon: Cover Run - Adam Hughes DC Comics Art


Marilyn Monroe

See a Guillem March Catwoman #1 page here

More Catwoman

More Guillem March

Betty and Veronica #203 Digest

Betty and Veronica #203
On the rack in Chesterfield Virginia: Betty and Veronica #203

Comic Book Stores and More

Comic Book Stores of America

Store rack superheroes

Superhero Cups 2013 - Spider Man, Batman, Marilyn Monroe

Marvel Comics

Avengers Assemble - stuffed dolls, 2013

Crayola Giant Coloring Pages with the Avengers

Large Spider-Man cup cake

Sugar and spiders. See more Many Spiderman Cup Cakes

Wolverine - Happy Meal Figure

Jack Kirby Shorts - instore display with Captain America

Spider-Man - Hamburger Protection Services (Photo)

Spiderman Geek vs Christian Bale Dark Knight

Daredevil vs the Most Dangerous Man in the World

Ironman Movie 2 and Dr. Pepper Soft Drinks

DC Comics

He looks pretty angry. See the Mr Freeze Lego image larger.

Dark Knight Batman Lego Pajamas

Superman iconography on Rolling Stone Magazine, Jan 2013

Dark Knight Rises - Cardboard rack next to girls clothing

Dark Knight Rises - Cardboard Catwoman - Store Display

Dark Knight Rises Cardboard DVD/Toy and Bluray Display instore

Dark Knight Rises Theatre Posters

Dark Knight Rises - Mezitz Batman and Catwoman toys

Dark Knight Rises -Mez-itz Batman and Bane DKR toy set

The Dark Knight - Batman the chocolate bar

The Dark Knight - Batman the Dark Knight Cheerios

DC Superfriends Tot Batmobile

Fisher Price Batmobile

Super Hero jackets - Batman, Superman and Bazinga

Large Plastic Man Give Away Toy

Odd Couple - Batman and Merida from "Brave"

Misc Comics

Archie comics on the supermarket stand in Chesterfield Virginia

Supergirl #1 - 1972

Supergirl #1 - 1972 - Oksner Cover Art

More Bob Oksner

More Supergirl

Rack Comics

Comic Books at the Barnes and Noble

Comic Book Spinner Rack on the Island of Mackinac ("Mackinaw")

Archie comics on the supermarket stand in Chesterfield Virginia

Why is Manga eating the lunch of 'graphic novels'? Barnes and Noble shelves

Magazine war: Ironman 3 vs Man of Steel

Klassika Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck in Greek

Mikey Mouse in Greek from 1976
Uncle Scrooge in Greek - from 1976 issue of "Klassika"

More Uncle Scrooge

Wolverine Happy meal

Wolverine McDonald
[Above] Call him Wolverine McDonald - Happy Meal Toy

More X-Men

Scott Morse Strange Science Fantasy

Steve Morse Gearheads
Above: Panel from the Scott Morse written/drawn issue of Strange Science Fantasy #1, featuring a future world of auto-based revolution.

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Batmobiles of Batman


Zatanna has a tough time in the Paul Dini (writer) and Stephane Roux (art) new series from DC Comics. Click to enlarge.

Stephane Roux Zatanna


Zatanna Index

Zatanna advertisement by Estaban Maroto, 1993

Zatanna #1, June 2005, Sook Cover Art

Zatanna #2, Aug 2005, Sook cover artwork

Zatanna #2, Aug 2005, Sook Page

Zatanna #5, Sept 2010, Stephane Roux zombie cover

Zatanna #11, May 2011, Adam Hughes Cover

Zatanna #13, July 2011, Adam Hughes Cover art

Detective Comics #850, Jan 2009, Dustin Nguyen Zatanna & Catwoman

Zatanna #1, May 2010, page by Stephane Roux artwork

Zatanna #2, June 2010, page by Stephane Roux artwork

Zatanna - Random Cover Art Gallery

Jeff Job Hunter

Jack Teagle Jeff Job Hunter
From JEFF JOB HUNTER from Nobrow Press. Art and story by Jack Teagle. Read more here.

Thunda gets Archive Collection from Dark Horse

Frazetta Thunda artwork

Though reprinted many times, Frank Frazetta's THUNDA gets one more outing in the Dark Horse archive collection of the title. It will include Frazetta's original stories which shows some of his early peak brush and ink skills. Presumably will also include Frazetta's cover artwork from the original no.1 issue of "Thunda, King of the Congo" published by Magazine Enterprises with a cover dated January 1952. After Frazetta quit the series he had created (over Magazine Enterprises not giving him any money after selling serial rights for a Buster Crabbe movie series), artist Bob Powell stepped in for the remaining five issues.

Frank Frazetta SKetchbook

Superheroes bad for you?

Superheroes bad for growing minds and bodies? Rebut to researchers conclusions: Seduction of the innocent redux

Toth Black Canary, 1972

Black Canary by Alex Toth

More Alex Toth Black Canary - Enlarged.


Wonder Woman Transformation 1978

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman