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Jim Aparo, 1975 Batman

Jim Aparo Batman

Detective Comics 1975. See the entire page, enlarged, here.

Francavilla The Black Hood - Archie Comics

Francavilla The Black Hood - Archie Comics

Scott McDaniel Joker

Joker by Scott McDaniel

See larger - Joker Mug Shot from Batman Confidential #22

Scott McDaniel

Trinity #37, Feb 11 2009, Review

Trinity #37, Feb 11 2009, Scott McDaniel Joker Puppy Page

Trinity #37, Feb 11 2009, Scott McDaniel Joker Page

Trinity #37, Feb 11 2009, Scott McDaniel Joker Page 2

Detective Comics #867, Sept 2010, Scott McDaniel page

Detective Comics #867, Sept 2010, Scott McDaniel spread

Detective Comics #867, Sept 2010, Scott McDaniel Joker Gang

Detective Comics #870, Dec 2010, 2-page Spread by Scott McDaniel

Detective Comics #870, Dec 2010, Guardian Bats by Scott McDaniel

Countdown Arena #3, Feb 2008, Review

Countdown Arena #3, Feb 2008, Scott McDaniel Wonder Woman

Countdown Arena #3, Feb 2008, Multiple Wonder Woman

Countdown Arena #3, Feb 2008, Scott McDaniel Superman

Batman Confidential #22, Dec 2008, Review

Batman Confidential #22, Dec 2008, Scott McDaniel Splash Page

Batman Confidential #22, Dec 2008, Joker Mugshot Page

Frank Frazetta "White Indian"

Frank Frazetta White Indian
Frank Frazetta: See enlarged page to White Indian, Magazine Enterprises, 1953.

Frank Frazetta SKetchbook


Uncle Scrooge Carl Barks
Carl Barks Uncle Scrooge. Click to Enlarge

More Uncle Scrooge

Richard Corben Bloodstar

Richard Corben
Richard Corben Bloodstar Graphic Novel. Click to Enlarge.

Charlie Brown has been sold

The Wall Street Journal has a story about the sale of the Peanuts comic strip property (which brings in as much as $2 billion USD some years in licensing):

"Snoopy has a new home.

Brand manager Iconix Brand Group Inc. is expected to announce Tuesday that it has acquired the Peanuts brand from E.W. Scripps Co. in partnership with the heirs of Charles Schulz, who created the comic strip featuring Snoopy and his owner, Charlie Brown.

Iconix and the Schulz family will pay about $175 million for the brand, with Iconix controlling an 80% share.

The deal includes the broader licensing business of the Scripps unit United Features Syndicate"

Actress Megan Fox to replace Rose McGowan on new film version of "Red Sonja"

The Comics Vine says the Transformers actress is stepping in for Rose McGowan. McGowan was already advertised in pre-publicity as R. E. Howard's fictional female swordmaster. The "Red Sonja" producing company, Millennium Films, is also in the midst of making a Conan "reboot."

Frazetta Museum center of Family Feud

Frazetta Museum

April 25, 2010: Frazetta Feud "Officially over" Plus other updates

Moebius - Incal

Moebius - theres no way out Moebius - this is horrible

Richard Nixon and Elvis

Elvis and Nixon together
Richard Nixon and Elvis together at last Click to Enlarge.

Christopher Reeve Superman 3

Christopher Reeve Superman III
Christopher Reeve in the wreckage of SUPERMAN III Click to Enlarge.

THe film is a mess, but contains many interesting parts amid the carnage.

TATSUMI - Abandon the Old in Tokyo

Abandon the old in Tokyo
Yoshihiro Tatsumi collection Abandon the Old in Tokyo Click to Enlarge.

Elvis Boxer

More Elvis


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Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

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