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Lois Lane #112

Lois Lane 112 Giordano

Art by Dick Giordano

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Don Heck Batgirl

Don Heck Detective Comics Batgirl

A Don Heck page from Detective Comics #424 from DC Comics June 1972 cover date.

More Don Heck

More Batgirl

ICV.COM has a two-part Mike Richardson Interview. Richardson is the publisher at Dark Horse Comics, and a former APA-5 member. Something that stood out was Richardson on the traditional comic book format:

"Obviously there’s less interest in the pamphlets than in the past and more interest in having a book that people can put on their shelves with the other books that they enjoy, so you see a growth of the graphic novel business. I’ve said it a billion times, I’ll say it again: for many people it’s probably a better reading experience to have an entire story in a book that they can put on a shelf than to get a story in 20- or 22-page installments 30 days apart over the course of a year that they end up putting in a box in a closet somewhere. "

Frank Robbins Catwoman


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Steve Ditko

The site Kleefeld on Comics has a letter from Steve Ditko on Creativity (and slightly on Spiderman).

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Adam West Batman

Adam West Batman

More Batman 1966

Tarantula Movie Mara Corday

Tarantula Star Mara Corday (Below)

Mara Tarantula

Guido Crepax art "Man from Harlem"

Man from Harlem Page 2 by Guido Crepax

See page enlarged.

Guido Crepax

Man from Harlem, Heavy Metal #10, Jan 1983, Crepax splash page

Man from Harlem, Heavy Metal #10, Jan 1983, Crepax page 2

Man from Harlem, Heavy Metal #10, Jan 1983, Crepax page 3

House of Secrets - Jess Jodloman 1973

House of Secrets 108 Jodloman Artwork

More Jess Jodloman Artwork

More House of Secrets #32


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